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You'll find general reviews and ratings for all the most popular power generators from Honda, Generac, Honeywell and more.

  • Which generator is best for your needs?
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A power generator is a tremendous tool no matter if we are using one for home, work or play. Sometimes they are used for backup power in our homes, for when the electricity goes out. Other times it might be used for natural disasters, at the work site or when we are out camping.

Besides the type of generator there are a myriad of brands. At this site you will find reviews and ratings for many of the most popular generators brands and models.

You'll find lots of easy-to-follow information about commercial, portable, home, RV and other types of power generators.

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Generator Reviews and Information

Generator Rental | Rental Generators for Disasters, Military, Commercial - Trailers
Generator rental services are contracted by individuals, hospitals, film industry, military, government agencies, manufacturing and more. Where ever power production is needed.
Honda Generators - A leader in Home and Portable Generators
Honda generators have the reputation for being amongst the best electric power generators in the world. Ratings and Reviews of Top Honda Generators
Yamaha Generators - Reviews and Ratings for Portable Generators
Many consumers have praised Yamaha Generators (ef1000) for its ability to run for continuously for up to 12 hours without the need for refueling, which is due to the use of premium Yamaha
Champion Generators - Portable Generator | 3500 1200 4800 watt ~
Champion generators usually cost less than many of the popular brands, yet they are getting very good reviews from consumers. They have never had a recall on any of their machines. Champion 3500 watt
Generac Generator - Generac Guardian and Other Generator Ratings and Reviews
Generac Generator has six categories of generators to choose from. Each serving a specific purpose. Generac produces the perfect sine wave electric current at 50 or 60 hertz
Generac Guardian Generators - Compare Generac Guardian Standby Residential
There are nine models in all in the residential generator series of Generac Guardian generators. There is one for every requirement starting from 8000 watts and going up to 60,000 watts.
Propane Generators | Pro and Con - Propane Powered Generator - Electric Generator
Propane generators are a very good choice for a small scale or domestic use. Unlike diesel engines they can be switched on and off intermittently as per the user need
Generators For Home Use - FAQ - Standby & Emergency Frequently Asked Questions; Diesel
Questions about generators for home use. Frequently asked questions for the less mobile standby generators, and others concerning portable generators...all fuel types
Whole House Generators ~ How to Choose Standby Generator | Kohler and Generac Guardian Res30
Whole house generators are becoming more and more popular. Once your power need is calculated, the next thing you need to know is ... Kohler 30Res runs on a GM Vortec engine at 3600RPM

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