Bad Experience with GENERAC Generators

by Scott Wellman
(Pagosa Springs Co.)

I bought a 17 kw GENERAC generator new. I ran it for 12 hours and it had some sort of melt down.

I contacted GENERAC for a repair. They gave me the name of the closest repair man.I first asked for a new generator or my money back and was told, no they would fix it .

The repairman picked it up in Aug of 2009. As of June of 2011 I do not have my money or my generator. The repairman is gone, and I've hired a lawyer.

GENERAC fights me at every turn.

I would NEVER buy or recommend that anyone ever buy any product from GENERAC. They are a dishonest company with poor customer service and relation

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Mar 14, 2016
Generac 35 KWw Genset
by: Anonymous

The biggest problem with the 35kw generator is were the low coolant sensor is mounted !!!! If you loose just a pop can of coolant the generator thinks there is a low coolant level..(the sensor is mounted at the top of the radiator). The new generators are using very cheap electrical components. Mean while the manufacturers are putting everything on one PC board, so that when it fails your in for a huge bill.

Dec 24, 2013
dont recommend
by: Anonymous

I purchased a generac 5500 last year ..would not recommend. It leaks and very difficult to start.

Sep 29, 2013
Bad Generac 3250w Portable
by: Anonymous

I purchased a new Generac 3250w portable generator for use during a flood three years ago. Hard to start right from the beginning; called Generac told to take to a local service center for coverage under warranty.

When I picked up the unit I was charge $80.00 for a “tune-up” that Generac would not pay for. This was a new machine, I couldn’t believe what they were telling me but ended up paying it out of my own pocket as the shop owner said that there was no way Generac would pay for this repair.

The following year the exact same thing happened even thought this had a two year warranty. However, I vowed if it happened again I would not take it in for a third time. Well, what do you know it did happen again this spring, instead of taking it in to pay for a repair on a generator that has less than four hours total on the engine I instead ended up junking the entire unit.

I could not sell it in good faith knowing what a piece of junk it was. Also, at this point I had more than half into what I purchased it for. Wish I had never seen or heard of Generac!

Oct 19, 2011

Purchased 17 KW generator thru northern tool in
dec 2009. Wiring and gas line put in by qualified
and licensed electrical and plumbers. Had one
utility power loss and ran great. Few months
later, had a three county power loss. Generator
did not put power into house, but kept running.
I manually shut it off. Contacted company who
did wiring and he sent electrician who found
breaker had kicked. Owner of company told me
it was probably a fluke, (ya, you bet). They
charged me 60.00 bucks for that. Decided to
contact Generac dealer. He sent two electricians
(one did nothing) and that cost me $200.00. He
could not find anything wrong either. Still,
no body replaced breaker and Gen is under warranty. Recently discovered it did it again and
we had no power loss. Runs only on test on Saturday. WHAT A DAMM JOKE. AWAITING ANOTHER ELECTRICIAN (ALSO GENERAC DEALER)

Jul 16, 2011
Bad Experience with Generac Generator
by: Anonymous

I bought Generac Generator 35kw QuietSource thru a distributor less than 3 years ago.

I have had nothing but trouble with it,.
It always seems to be the cooling system that breaks down.

After spending over 2k to have it fixed and maintaned I contacted Generac and ran into a brick wall.

They are unwilling to replace it or help with this LEMON. They say that it is out of warranty.
But I keep argueing that the generator is supposed to function in times of need.

We have had 4 power outages since obtaining this LEMON and it has failed to work in all instances.

Please be wary regarding Generac Generators!!!

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