Coleman Powermate PM0542000.01

by PaulyD
(Pitman, NJ, USA)

Hello, my name is Paul, I live in Pitman, NJ.

Here's my issue...

This machine works great. No problems what-so-ever......except when Irene showed up. I don't get it.

The engine started no problem, but the generator did not produce any electric. All this happen at 2:45am too.

So since the motor runs good, but the generator does not, I need the manual or a troubleshooting guide to make this piece of equipment work when it needs to work.

Nothings burned up or there's no "burnt" smell. The inside looks clean, the circuit breaker is functioning.

The rotor and stator look to be clean, I did not test these...I'm not sure how too.

Maybe it's the diodes or the varistor...not sure what that is.

Can you please guide me to correct this issues?

Thank you

Paul Diezel
Pitman, NJ

Note to Paul: Please accept my apology for the slow response to your question. A great, new technician (Rob) just came aboard. You'll see his response to your question below.

Michael B

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Oct 25, 2011
To Rob....
by: Anonymous

Thank you getting back to me. That means allot.
I did not do the testing like you said. The machine is apart waiting to be tested...just haven't had time to dive into it.

Now that you're on my page, I'll try to get to it this weekend. 102911.

Again thanks for the reply.


Oct 25, 2011
Ideas for Troubleshooting Coleman Powermate
by: Rob -

I assume from your question that you use this generator pretty regularly. If the generator is running fine but not producing electricity but has a history of doing well I usually think that it is something simple that has gone awry.

In this case I would make sure to check the circuit breaker electrically speaking. With your ohm meter you should have very little resistance in the "on" position and an open line (usually "OL") reading in the off position.

Another good check is to test if there is any electricity being produced at the outlets. This is as simple as using a volt meter to see if there is any voltage in the outlets.

If there is no voltage and the circuit breaker is good then you would probably want to start testing things like voltage output from the AC leads.

If the voltage is just low then you may have a problem with diodes, varistors, or maybe the generators windings themselves.

By the way a varistor is a safety part for the generator. It is like the surge protector for your computer of television. It prevents power surges from damaging more sensitive parts of the generator.

I wasn't able to find a manual, but sometimes writing to the manufacturer or visiting your local repair shop can produce either a manual of troubleshooting guide.

Mostly even repair shops will make a copy of troubleshooting guides if you visit when they aren't too busy. They mostly figure that even if you can find out what is wrong that you will end up using them to fix it.

Sorry to hear you were left in the dark.


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