A Review of The Old Generac 4000XL Generator

This Generator Has Been Around for More Than a Decade, But Still Is Quite Popular With Many Users

A Review of The Old Generac 4000XL Generator

This Generator Has Been Around for More Than a Decade, But Still Is Quite Popular With Many Users

Generac 4000XL

The Generac 4000xl generator is one that you'll want to take a close look at, especially if you are in the market for a used generator.

Though the this Generac 977 4,000 watt generator was released over a decade ago, it has proven itself as a reliable portable generator for both residence and business backup.

This generator is no longer available as a new model. You'll have to search and find it used.


This model has a wheeled housing and locking handles making it easy to transport from one area to another. It has 5000 starting watts and provides 4,000 watts of continuous power.

It includes a large ultra quiet muffler as well as intake silencers to help keep decibel levels to a minimum. It also feature a fuel saving idle controller which powers down the generator when there isn't a load on it.

It also has a pressurized oil system, meaning that pressure feeds oil to all working parts of the motor.

  • Automatic Voltage Regulator - For sensitive electronics
  • Overhead valve design
  • Illuminated panel
  • Low oil indicator
  • Hours used meter
  • Covered outlets
  • Watt usage monitor

These are just a few of the features that are included with this model. It also has an automatic voltage regulator for sensitive electronics, and adjusts automatically to accommodate heavier loads, without surging. It includes an illuminated panel and low oil protection that will shut the unit down if the oil drops below a set level. It features an hour meter, so you can keep track of when it needs oil or other maintenance, and has fully covered outlets. A power bar even monitors how much wattage is being used, and how much you still have left.

Additional Details and Specs

The Generac 4000XL has a four gallon fuel tank, and will run for 13 hours at half loaded. The motor is a Generac OHVI 7.8 horsepower, the workhorse of the Generac series.

  • 7.8 HP engine
  • 86 dB at 3 1/2 ft. 73 dB at 23 1/2 ft.
  • Weighs 119 lbs
  • Two 120V (15A) outlets
  • One 120V (30A) outlet
  • One 120V/240V (20A) outlet
  • One 12V DC (10A)
  • 33.3/16.6 amps

Customer Reviews

generac 4000XL

Overall reviews have been quite positive for this model and brand of generator. While some find that it can be noisier than say, a Honda, for the most part, it has the same average decibel level as a standard snow blower or lawn mower, which really isn't that bad.

Because this generator has wheels, you can always position it away from your work area. Many people really like the fact that it has pneumatic wheels, because this makes it much easier to move around, especially on uneven surfaces.

The electric starter is definitely a plus, and every one seems to like that fact that the voltage is automatically regulated, which you don't find on many other similarly priced models.

NOTE: The Generac 4000XL generator is an older generator. It is no longer available to purchase new. You will need to search for this model as a used generator.

You may want to check online at sites such as Ebay, Craigslist and local online classified listings.

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