Generator Heads

How a Generator Head Works

Belt Driven Generator Head

Generator heads basically are the reverse of an electric motor, so they need to be fed with rotary mechanical energy.

This is basically accomplished by an engine.

The generator head is the most important component of any generator.

It is the part where the mechanical energy is converted to electrical energy through the means of two sets of coils, one stationary and the other rotating.

The electromagnetic fields thus produced, result in a voltage difference and hence current. All generator heads also come pre-equipped with an alternator.

For example in a gas powered generator the head is connected via a belt and hence called a belt driven generator head.

The belt driven mechanism, over a long time takes on some damage. The cheapest way to keep the engine output at its full potential is to replace the generator head.

This not only saves money but also prolongs the life of the generator.

Generator Head

Replacing Generator Heads

To replace this head though, you need to know a few things about your generator. Quite a few things including the type of fuel used in the engine of your generator are to be kept in mind while replacing the generator head.

Another important thing to be remembered is that the power output of the engine and the power output of the generator head are same i.e. the generator head should be capable of converting the total amount of energy received from the engine into electrical energy.

If the head cannot keep up with the engine there will be a lot of internal damage and also a lot of fuel is wasted.

The easiest way to replace the generator head would be to contact and verify if the original manufacturer offers a replacement. That would ensure maximum compatibility and a prolonged life.

Searching the local hardware shop might be quite a tedious job and moreover they mostly do not stock all the different types of generator heads. An easier option is to look it up online.

Online stores help you find almost any kind of generator head you want.

Always know the potential output of your generator. Whenever you feel you are not getting the full power out of it, more often than not the problem lies with the generator head and it needs to be replaced.

This can save you a lot of fuel and also ensures that the generator runs optimally.

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