The Honda EX650 Generator

Note: This Honda Inverter Generator has Been Replaced by The EU1000, but Remains Very Popular

The Honda EX650 generator is quite the workhorse.

One of the quietest generators ever built by Honda, this little powerhouse is perfect for camping, boating and any other power need that may come up.

This generator easily puts out 650 watts and is the lightest of all the generators Honda ever made.

650 watts may be a little lightweight for some, but in a pinch, you'll be glad to have it. Use them to power lights when camping or to charge your cell phone.

At only 57 pounds, almost anyone can move this generator where it needs to be. Another of the most striking qualities of the Honda EX650 generator is its quiet operation. You barely notice its running.

Honda EX650 Generator

Although the EX650 has been discontinued, you can still find them in the used market.

These reliable generators only need basic maintenance for the most part, but there are specialty markets online that will help you find parts if you need them.

Take a look at used generator sites and auctions for the best chances of finding one of these generators.

Special Note: A search at Ebay or Craigslist will most likely turn up some used EX650 models for sale

Always Use Caution When Buying Used

When buying a used Honda 650 generator, or any used generator for that matter, take a look at it physically if you can. Look at the exhaust outlet. Heavy black staining on the inside matting and outside around the exhaust will show heavy use.

If you can open the case to look at the engine, this is a good indication of how much wear and tear the generator has been through. The muffler box, which is located behind a white fiberglass cover, should be fairly clean. The metal of the engine should be bright and free of oil and sludge.

There should be no blue smoke when you start the generator. If there is, it should not last longer than a few seconds. New rings in the engine may be required to fix a problem with excessive blue smoke.

Squealing noises can indicate a dry alternator bearing which would need to be replaced before damage occurs. Look for broken or missing bolts that may mean the head gasket is leaking.

Features and Specifications

  • 1.6HP Honda Side Stroke Engine - 76 cc
  • Fuel Capacity: .5 Gallon (1.89 liters)
  • Weights 57 lbs (25.85 kg)
  • Run time: Approximately 3.5 hours
  • Noise: 54 dB
  • Starting System: Recoil start
  • 2 Recepticles
  • AC Output: 650W Max/550W Rated
  • Fuel Meter
  • Oil Alert

Customers Are Saying...

Even though Honda has stopped manufacturing this generator, it still has many fans. Just a few of their comments showing their loyalty to this model are...

"Always starts easily", "works perfectly".

Another EX650 generator owner said that even though it is an oldie, it is "still a worker!"

Yet another happy customer states that when he lost power during a recent ice storm, he was able to run his torpedo heater, 25 watt light (fluorescent) and his PC "without any problem".

Other comments include "Sips gas and oil" and "it started on the second pull" even when the outside tempt was near 0 degrees.

Another long time user said that even after 10 years he had had "no issues". "It just purrs along".

One often mentioned comment was about how quiet the Honda EX650 generator runs. The only knock that we could find on this generator is that it is kind of small at only 650 watts.


If you can get a good used Honda EX650, you won't regret it. These little workhorses will help you whenever you need a backup. Think of all the places you can take this since it easily fits in the trunk of your car. At only 19 pounds, it is the most portable generator around.

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