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After a research of the market we decided to purchase an electrical generator from HONDA. I purchased the model EXK2800S which is bright red in color with wheels at the bottom and a self start button.

It is a silent generator set and has dual fuel technology. Therefore it is very economical as I start it on petrol and then switch over to kerosene. It also has the circuit breaker and oil alert feature in it.

It runs at a stretch for 8 hours and I can run my fans, tube lights, refrigerator, microwave oven and laptop with printer without any worry.

I am very satisfied by using it though it is costly.

I am writing about my electrical generator, which has brought a smile on my face and my family. It was in the summer months last year that continuous load shedding in our area for 6-8 hours brought our normal life to a stand still.

I would surely recommend it to people who would want to purchase it irrespective of the price. I have been using it without any glitch for the last 1 year.

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Jan 16, 2012
Honda EXK2800S Information
by: Anonymous


The Honda EXK2800S is a beautiful generator from Honda's "Silent Series." These generators are supposed to be ultra-quiet.

The "S" in the name is just what you thought, an electric start option. With an easy turn of a key your generator will start and hum nicely.

Therefore the S model will be more expensive than the regular pull start model. As far as the price goes you will have to contact your local dealer to find out that information.

Prices vary from place to place based on import taxes and markups.

Based on your power requirements listed (10-100 watt bulbs and a 1500 watt water heater) the EXK2800 will have just enough power to run those items.

However if you have anything else that you are going to plug into it you will not have enough power unless you turn off some lights.

A really nice tool to find out how much generator you need to take care of your power requirements is found at the link below. By going through the worksheet you will discover just how big a generator you require.

Honda makes some very nice and reliable generators and the Silent Series are some of their best work.

The generator you selected is only just big enough so I would recommend stepping up to one a little larger since our power requirements usually exceed what we think they are.


Dec 08, 2011
Want to buy Honda EXK2800S & EXK 2800 from srinagar or Baramulla city.
by: Mohd Rustum Pandith

Want to buy Honda EXK2800S & EXK 2800 from srinagar or Baramulla city.

I want to buy EXK2800S pls give me the new price of this generator what differences EXK2800S AND EXK2800 what mean S electric start or what this generator can I use my home? I don't no what model good for my home pls give me some details of kva I want to run all electric 10 nos lighting blups(100W) Gyser 220V pls sir give the right choice generator.

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