Honda Generators

Honda is a Leader in the World of Generators

Honda generators have the reputation for being amongst the best electric power generators in the world.

What would we expect from a company that produces some of the best motorcycles and automobiles in the world?

When it comes to internal combustion engine technology Honda throws all their power behind anything that needs to be moved. Honda generators convert chemical energy (fuel) into electrical energy better than most. Their reputation is very high.

Basically that is what an electric generator is, a mechanism that converts chemical energy (gasoline, diesel, kerosene, or natural gas) into electrical energy. But then, Honda never stopped at 'basics'.

Though Soichiro Honda (who started out as an automobile engine tuner in a local garage) registered his company on the 14th November 1953 he was working on developing the first designs of his internal combustion engine piston long before.

He had even tried his hand running an ancillary unit manufacturing pistons for Toyota before it was destroyed in an earthquake.

He went on to make small internal combustion engines for (18,000) bicycles for a war torn Japan little knowing that Honda would be the worlds largest manufacturer of motorcycles in ten years time and the world's second largest automobile manufacturer by the year 2008!

However, as we said, Honda never stopped at basics, Honda is all set to introduce the Honda HA-20 HondaJet in 2011. So, who would not want to own an electric generator designed and manufactured by jet-age engineers at one of the 94 state-of-the-art facilities located in 34 countries?

Honda in the Beginning...

Honda is known for their endless innovation and commitment to quality standards so much so that they have become a standard by themselves. This is even more applicable to their range of Honda generators. Today their generators are arguably the cleanest, most eco-friendly and efficient generators in the world.

Ever since their first generator produced, the E300, introduced in 1965 the company has manufactured and sold over 8.5 million Honda generators world wide. Honda generators come in two models, Petrol and Kerosene. However, the smaller portable generators can be started with petrol and run on kerosene.

Since 1965 Honda has developed generators for every purpose.

From the first E300, then the E500 in 1996 followed by the EU series in 1998 and the EM and BE series introduced in 2004 Honda generators have evolved from the simple two-stroke engine driven generators to the complex four-stroke fuel efficient petrol and natural gas driven silent generators of today.

Honda Generators At A Glance

Honda produces both square wave as well as sine wave generators.

When household and office equipment includes computers, televisions, microwaves and other electronic equipment it is better to go for the sine wave Honda generators.

These have inbuilt inverters that ensure perfect sine wave electric currents that will not restart your computers and will never damage your electronic equipment.

Choosing the size or the power of a generator is not difficult. Whether you are choosing a generator for work, your home or for play you should have a general idea of how much power you require from the Honda generator.

The power is marked on each appliance you will be connecting to your generator. Adding these up you will know the total load you will be putting on the generator.

Portable Honda generators can be classified into three categories.

The 'Handy' series consist of 5 models that deliver from 350 VA to 5500 VA of power, The 'Silent' series consists of 7 models that deliver 1000 VA, 1400 VA and 2100 VA of power, and the 'LPG' (Liquid Petroleum Gas) series that has two models delivering 450 and 1400 VA of power and these are just the 'Portable Honda Generators'.

Your Honda generator dealer will be able to guide you in deciding what power your generator should deliver.

Honda Generator Models

The Honda Generator EU3000is is powerful enough to run full-sized microwave ovens, large power tools, RV air conditioners and resistive load kitchen appliances, such as toasters and coffee makers. 

The Honda EU2000i Generator is one of the Super Quiet series. Designed for portability and versatility, these little generators are small enough to take camping or on a picnic while powerful enough to meet most power needs. 

The Honda EU1000i Generator is a small portable appliance that is popular for its portability and other enhanced features.

It is the ideal generator to use for concerts, parties, outdoor events, trade shows, camping, and races among many other events. 

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