Kohler Marine Generator

Kohler Marine Generator - Marine generators are designed pretty much like other types of generators. While other types of generators are damaged when exposed to water, the components used in making marine generators are made from non-corrosive material, making them ideal for use in water.

The most important components are found on the inner parts of the generator. These include the hydraulic pumps. The exterior is made of a material designed to give the needed insulation and protection.

They use either gasoline or propane for fuel. Marine generators are necessary for all boaters as they come in handy when electric power is needed to power some appliances. It can provide power to lighting equipment, fish-locating radar, air conditioning, small fridges, toasters and even radios.

The number of appliances it can run depends on the generator's wattage - the higher the wattage, the more appliances it can power up.

Kohler Generator; The Company

Kohler is a leading manufacturer of generators. Its marine generators are popular among many boaters, largely because of the high quality of service they provide.

They are designed to run on diesel and gasoline. Kohler also has low CO Emission generators that give the lowest carbon emissions among all other generators types in the market, a factor that has further increased their popularity.

The standard design includes a 4-cycle engine, voltage regulators (Fast-Response) and non-corrosive sound shielding panels made from aluminum. They have an automatic shutdown function, which is activated automatically in certain conditions to enhance safety.

Each Kohler generator comes with a 5-year transferable warranty. This makes it easier to trade or sell boats.

Gas and Diesel Marine Generators

Both Kohler diesel and gas marine generators come in 50 Hz and 60 Hz capacity. Wattage ratings for 50 Hz diesel generators range between 3.5 Kilowatts and 125 kilowatts, while that of the 60 Hz models is between 4 Kilowatts and 150 kilowatts.

Gasoline models with 50 Hz capacity have a wattage range of 4 kW and 16 kW. The 60 Hz capacity model has between 5 kW and 20 kW. The low CO model comes in either 5 KW or 7.3 KW ratings. Kohler generators use engines from reputable engine manufacturers such as John Deere, Ford, Yanmar and Kawasaki.

4kW Kohler Marine Generator - Low CO/4EFCD

Kohler Marine Generator

One of the more popular Kohler marine generator models is the Low CO/4EFCD. It connects to the engine and is remotely started by a 12-pin connector.

It has H class insulation and copper windings for minimal heat build up.

The engine has a heat exchanger cooling system, fuel filet, lubrication system and an oil drain valve. It comes in a choice of two: with sound shield or without.

The one with sound shield measures 500mm x 467mm x 773mm (weight, height & length). It weighs 102 kg (225lbs) (wet). The model without sound shield measures 450mm x 438mm x 723mm and has 91kg dry weight and 93kg wet weight.

Parts, Accessories and Information

These are just some of the Kohler models available. They all come with additional accessories such as a siphon break, remote digital gauge and line circuit breakers among others.

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