Kubota Generators

Kubota Generators

Kubota Corporation was created in 1890 in Osaka, Japan.

It sold its first engine in 1922, and introduced their compact diesel engines in the United States in 1976.

These engines changed the trend from gas powered industrial engines to those powered by diesel.

In 1982, Kubota opened an Engine Division in Chicago, establishing a network of distributors and service dealers to sell and service their engines in the United States.

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Kubota continues to make history. They are a coordinator for the regulatory authority in the US for emission regulations and provides state of the art technical training to their distributors.

Kubota's strength lies in its application engineering. Engines can be specifically customized for a specific job. The company's research and development always takes fuel efficiency and performance into consideration.


  • One primary feature of the Kubota generator is that they only have clean emissions. For anyone who is concerned about the environment yet needs a powerful generator, Kubota keeps these important things in mind.
  • All generators are covered in noise absorbing enclosures and a new, improved noise absorbing duct. This lowers the amount of noise produced by the powerful engine. Oversized mufflers also help lower the noise level.
  • Even though the Kubota generator is large and made for industrial use, they are compact and easy to move with a simple forklift.
  • Maintenance is simple. Everything you need to access is on one side of the unit for ease of inspection and maintenance checks. The filters, oil gauge, replacement port, battery and water reserve tank are all easily accessible at the same time.
  • Air is automatically purged from the entire fuel system every time the unit is turned on.
  • Voltage regulation is stable even when load conditions change. Sensitive equipment can be safely run with this generator due to its even voltage and quick response time.


The Kubota generator is economical, requires minimal maintenance and has a good track record of durability. They have a nice compact design in comparison to similar generators on the market.

The generator responds quickly to load fluctuations and has low noise and vibration levels. A large fuel tank keeps the generator running for long periods at a time.


While the Kubota generator could be useful for many all across the board, due to its weight, it is not practical in many non-business situations.

Kubota Generator Commercial Video

This video is a bit long, but very informative, as well.

Popular Kubota Generator Models

Kubota GL7000

kubota diesel generators

The Kubota GL7000 (model Z482)offers 7kW, 60Hz at maximum output. It is a perfect industrial generator for prime power or standby.

There is a very small voltage variation, making power that will keep your sensitive equipment safe and running without losing any performance.

Run on diesel fuel, a full tank will last over 10 hours. The engine features liquid cooling and an electric start, making it so simple anyone can run it in a pinch.

Automatic transfer switches are available to turn on this model when utility power goes out and to turn the generator off again when power is restored. At 650 pounds (295 kg), this small industrial generator can meet the needs of smaller companies and jobsites.

Specs at a Glance

  • Uses Diesel Fuel No. 2
  • 60 Hz Frequency
  • Single Phase Voltage 120/240
  • 2 Pole
  • 4 Cycle Diesel Engine
  • 3600 RPM - Engine Speed
  • 7.4 Gallons (28 liters) Fuel Tank Capcity
  • 66 Decibels at 23 feet distance (7 m)
  • Continuous Hours of Operation at Full Load: 10 Hours

Kubota SQ-14

kubota generators sq-14

The Kubota SQ-14 has 13.5 kW, 60 Hz of power output. As an industrial generator, you'll find the SQ-14 meets almost any need.

Featuring a brushless alternator, the generator is manufactured to exact specifications using the latest technology.

Voltage has only a very small variation, keeping all your sensitive electronics safe from harm. It is powered with diesel fuel and has an electric start on its liquid cooled engine.

It runs at 1800 RPM. A full tank of fuel will run for over 21 hours. A full year warranty comes with this Kubota generator. Running at 63 decibels, it is fairly quiet for an industrial model.

Total enclosed weight is 1470 pounds (668.2 kg). Automatic transfer switches turn the generator on without a hitch. When the utility is restored, the generator switches automatically to cool down, and then shortly turns itself off, resetting itself automatically.

SQ-14 Specs at a Glance

  • Uses Diesel Fuel No. 2
  • 60 Hz Frequency
  • Single Phase Voltage 120/240
  • 4 Pole
  • 4 Cycle Diesel Engine - Liquid Cooled
  • 1800 RPM - Engine Speed
  • 21.5 Gallons (81.4 liters) Fuel Tank Capcity
  • 63 Decibels at 23 feet distance (7 m)
  • Continuous Hours of Operation at Full Load: 19.2 Hours

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