Onan Generator Parts

Onan Generator Parts List and Service Questions

Genuine Onan generator parts (Green Label) are manufactured in keeping with the exact product specifications, which ensure the maximization of the life span of the generator and its power output.

These parts include tune up kits and filters, and may be obtained from certified Cummins Onan RV service and parts dealers, as well as from the Cummins Onan online store.

Original Onan Generator Parts

Original Onan generator parts are recommended by Onan which says they offer performance and durability, and they include:

Spark Plugs - Genuine spark plugs from Cummins Onan are correctly gapped for an RV generator engine, straight from the factory. Spark plugs from other manufacturers may be larger as they may be specifically gapped for automotive engines. The life of the spark plug may be greatly reduced when regapping, if the ground strap is bent and cannot completely cover the electrode.

Air Filters - Genuine air filters from Cummins Onan are manufactured to incorporate special foam pre-cleaner which is specifically used in RV generators.

These come recommended over other air filters that may contain light density filter paper which may result in the hardening and cracking of sealing surfaces with time, thereby allowing the inflow of impure air into the intake system of the engine.

A small amount of dirt will result in the wearing out of cylinders and piston rings with time. Moreover, it may be difficult to find replacement filters for older generator models which come with pre-cleaner.

Oil Filters - RV oil filters from Cummins Onan are designed with valves that permit the bypassing of oil past the oil filter during a cold start, or in the event of the filter becoming plugged.

Onan oil filters come recommended over others that may not have bypass valves, which may result in failed gaskets or engine damage, in the event that debris is trapped, leading to starvation of oil pressure and high oil pressures.

Some oil filters may feature the bypass valves, but may not be able to determine at what PSI the valves will open. If the setting is too high, the paper element in the oil filter may be damaged during a cold start, thereby resulting in a malfunction or even starvation of oil to the engine.

Onan Generator Accessories

Cummins Onan also has a line of Energy Command accessories which features remote power management panels to enable easier control of the Onan gas, diesel and LP generators.

Onan Generator Parts FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Onan generator parts:

Does a new Cummins Onan RV generator have a break in process?

Yes. Onan generators offer better performance when the break in procedure set out in the Operator's Manual is followed. This normally involves having the generator run for 2 hours at about 50% load, and then for 2 hours at about 75% load, and thereafter allowing it to cool down.

Remember to change the oil in the engine crankcase after its first twenty hours of operation, and thereafter every one hundred to one hundred and fifty hours. For advice about your specific model, be sure to check the Operators's Manual.

Does my diesel generator require exercising as do the gasoline generators?

Yes. Your diesel generator requires regular exercise which aids in the lubrication of seals and engine components, while also preventing the build up of carbon. Exercising regularly also aids in the expulsion of moisture and the heating up of the generator windings. If your generator comes equipped with brushes, regular exercise will also prevent the build up of corrosion on the slip rings.

In order to keep my gasoline generator in pristine working condition, what is the recommended frequency of running it?

It is important to subject your RV generator to regular exercise as the lack of use may lead to problems with its performance later on. Not using the generator may cause damage to the fuel system as well as a build up of moisture, which will cause your generator not to run properly.

You may find that in a short period of thirty days the fuel in your gas generator is breaking down into varnishes and gums which may cause the fuel system to clog up, thereby resulting in surging and hard starting.

In order to prevent this from happening, Onan recommends that you run your gas generator for 2 hours at a minimum capacity of 50%, at least every 4 weeks, rather than at several short periods of time.

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