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Onan Generator Repair for Common Problems

Onan Generator Troubleshooting Onan 10 kW Standby Generator

When it comes to Onan Generator Troubleshooting, here are some essential tips to follow.

A generator of any type powered by any fuel and working in any possible conditions requires a basic maintenance for its proper functioning and longevity.

Cummins Onan has a very basic but essential maintenance plan which is pretty easy to follow yet maintains optimum output from your generator.

In any case it is recommended to know a little about the operation of your generator so you don't need to ring up the electrician for every little failure.

Most of the common problems can be solved by yourself.

Onan Generator Manual

There is an Onan generator troubleshooting section in the owner's manual provided with every generator. In case you don't have one, you can also download a pdf version of the user's manual from the Cummins Onan site

Onan Generator Parts

In case any part of your generator has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced, be sure to insist on original Onan Green Label parts. A local dealer might try to sell you a will-fit component but the cheaper part can cost you a lot in the long run.

For one, the original parts are manufactured by the company specifically for your type of generator, whereas the will-fit parts are produced to fit into a variety of generators. They will not last as long and soon you'll be in the market for new ones.

Regular Maintenance

Keep a regular check on fuel, oil and coolant levels.

Under no circumstances should you run a generator in case there is a leak of any of the above. The exhaust leaks contain lethal carbon monoxide. Being odorless and tasteless, this gas can kill silently.

Shutdown Codes

In case your generator is not starting, do not keep on cranking.

There is a very high chance you may burn out the starter or even flood the engine with fuel. In such an event check out the amber status lamp. This will greatly help you with Onan generator troubleshooting.

This light blinks out a shutdown code telling you what could be the reason for the shutdown. The light blinks 1,2,3,4 or 7 times and then after a pause resumes blinking again.

Here are the codes:

1. Shutdown due to high engine temperature.

2. Shutdown due to low oil pressure.

3. Shutdown due to internal problem which may require servicing. For more details refer to the user manual.

4. Failure to start within the crank time.

7. Shutdown due lack of water flow to the engine and exhaust system.

Always remember to put a minimum load on your generator and before shutting it down, remember to let it run idle for a couple of minutes.

In most of the cases the User's manual should be able to sort out the problem. In case it is inadequate always contact a local authorized Onan dealer.

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