Voltage on Briggs and Stratton Generator Battery

by Tom C
(United States)

Briggs and Stratton EXL 8000 (discontinued)

Briggs and Stratton EXL 8000 (discontinued)

How many volts is the battery on a Briggs and Stratton EXL 8000 electric start generator. My generator battery has 17 volts on multi meter but all I get is solenoid rattling when I try to use electric start.

Where can I find a float charge plug for this model?

Hello Tom,

The battery should be 12 volts. Expect to see from about 12.2 to 12.6 volts with no charging. When being charged, 13.85 is typical for most 12 volt batteries.

I would question the accuracy of your meter. One also has to check the voltage while attempting to crank the engine. The voltage may drop WAY DOWN WHEN A LOAD IS APPLIED.

Take the battery to one of the auto supply stores and they will usually check it with a load tester.

For float charging one can just use clips on the battery.

As for a float charger, here is one possible source: http://www.harborfreight.com/automatic-battery-float-charger-42292.html?p=2

Thanks for your questions. I hope this information helps.


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Feb 09, 2014
Excellent Performer When Maintained
by: Anonymous

We just finished a 3 day outage on one of these, which we have had for 5-6 years, and it performed flawlessly. Only a very slight sag below 120vac under nearly full 30 amp load. Otherwise, it is rock solid voltage stable enough to run computers off of. We ran ours direct to the service panel via a Generlink meter transfer switch. The power then can be routed anywhere in the house with intelligent forethought.

This is really a rebranded Generac unit with some B&S trimming.

It is not a simple or handheld piece of equipment, and requires basic regular maintenance to remain reliable. Those that don't maintain them or operate them correctly tend to have complaints. The fuel shutoff valve is a weak point, but there is an updated part available, and it merely screws into the bottom of the tank. The starter battery requires a trickle charger when not in use (a tip: plug the charger into one of the outlets when running to keep the battery charged between fills). When not in service, indoor/garage storage, run the carb dry, keep the tank empty or fully filled with stabilized fuel, regularly change the oil and filter, and it is fairly bulletproof and ready to go on the first press or pull.

If you find one used in good shape, grab it.

Dec 05, 2010
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by: bowking

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