Our Purpose

aboutgenerators.com was born out of frustration, but molded by good old American determination. While trying to solve a seemingly simple problem of choosing the correct generator to power a our first trailer – we realized that there was no simple answer available online. Even the “pros” at stores were not much more than minimum wage paid sales associates – either looking to make a quick sale or countdown the minutes until it was time for their lunch break. So we decided to go the extra mile and really learn what was available. Call it OCD, call it crazy, or call it a passion – but something about becoming an expert in generators was an itch that we just couldn’t scratch. After spending an embarrassing amount of time comparing generators, we decided to launch aboutgenerators.com to help make the decisions of our fellow American’s (hopefully) shorter than it took us.

We are proud of the equipment we buy and want you to be, too. We want to bring a modern angle to a seemingly mundane task of selecting the perfect generator for your life – but after all, this is the thing that literally is going to power your world, so let’s choose the best damn generator we can – together.

Now, our life is all About Generators.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our fellow American choose the best damn generator within their budget, made for the exact purpose they need it for. From 1 person trailers to full solar homes – let’s power your life the right way.


Our Method

Taking a step beyond the hype of all advertisements and half-hearted sales people in Home Depot – a generator has got to perform. Anyone can dress-up some a power supply with some fancy marketing lingo and make their product sound great – which is why we take this game a step further and put the products to the aboutgenerators.com test.

We mix professional experience, personal anecdotes, colleague recommendations, user reviews, life expectancy, warranty quality, and many more factors into the reviews we write – making sure we find the best damn generators out there, and present them in an easy to find and understand way.

We take a meticulous approach to searching, finding, categorizing, reviewing, and detailing all the information you will need to pick the best damn generator for your needs.

There are actually a metric sh*t ton more generators on the market than we go over on our site, but we only want to bring you the best quality ones. No use in buying something that aint gonna last – or will break down when you need it most. So even if you’re in the market for something inexpensive – we still promise only to present you with the best damn cheap ones we can find.