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Owning a backup generator can make your life easier in many ways. If there's a power outage, you won't have to wait for the power to come back on; you'll be able to start using your generator right away. Even in an emergency situation, you'll be able to keep your home comfortable and secure.

Although a generator can be a steep investment, there are plenty of affordable options on the market. Below, you'll find some of the best cheap generators that are currently available. You should consider these generators if this is a purchase that you're considering.

1. DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator

DuroStar DS4000S Portable Generator

This gas-powered generator is reasonably priced and can give you a lot of value for your money. This is a powerful generator that can provide 3,300 running watts of power. As long as you have fuel on-hand, you can count on this generator to provide the power that you need.

Because this generator has a number of outlets, it's suitable for many applications. From standard household outlets to a twist-lock outlet, this is a versatile generator that will really be an asset to you. The compact generator has a fuel capacity of 3.96 gallons. If you're looking for a generator under $400, this is a spectacular option.


  • It's lightweight and highly portable
  • It comes with an oil funnel, spark plug wrench, and a set of tools
  • It has an 8-hour runtime
  • More gas can be added as needed
  • The muffler is very quiet


  • Some users report that it's difficult to clean
  • Wheel kit needs to be purchased separately

2. Rockpals 500W Portable Power Station

Rockpals 500W Portable Power Station

This power station operates on solar power, which means you don't need fuel on hand in order to keep it fully charged. It can be used to charge devices like cell phones and laptops, and it can even serve as a miniature car refrigerator. It's a versatile generator that's small enough to carry with you when you're away from home.

 Because the power station has a clear and efficient display, it's easy to monitor the station and see when it needs to be recharged. In addition to charging this with solar power, you can easily plug it into an outlet and charge it that way. This is a highly reliable generator that can be used to charge even the most sensitive devices.


  • Comes with an 18-month warranty
  • Can be charged in three different ways
  • Highly versatile and suitable in a number of situations
  • Portable generator is easy to take with you on camping trips
  • Includes an LED flashlight


  • Doesn't support services over 500 watts
  • Some users have had issues charging 12v devices

3. Aitom Portable Solar Generator

Aitom Portable Solar Generator

If you're looking for cheap generators, you'll find that this generator is one of the cheapest options currently on the market. Priced under $200, this small generator packs a surprising amount of power. The generator runs on a 42000 mAH lithium battery and can easily be charged when it's in the sun.

Overcurrent and overvoltage can be issues when you're using a generator, especially when the device is on the smaller side. Thankfully, this generator employs an advanced battery management system. It even has a built-in cooling fan so that it can keep your devices from overheating.


  • Compact, portable generator is easy to carry around
  • Can provide between seven and eight hours of power when fully charged
  • Includes a built-in flashlight
  • Since it's solar-powered, it's easy to keep this generator charged
  • Battery management system can prevent short-circuiting and other common issues


  • Some users report issues with equipment that requires clean SINE waves
  • Not as powerful as some of the other chargers that are listed here

4. Rainer Portable Generator With Electric Start

Rainer Portable Generator With Electric Start

This powerful generator provides 4,400 peak watts as well as 3,600 running watts of power. It can provide up to 18 hours of runtime, which means it's a generator that you can rely on in an emergency situation. Because it offers an electric start, turning on this generator only requires a push of a button.

This generator is fully EPA and CARB compliant, making it a safe and effective option. It's a highly reliable gas generator with a 4-gallon fuel tank. With two household outlets, two additional outlets, and a number of appealing safety features, this is a generator that's hard to resist.


  • Comes with a three-year warranty
  • Can be turned on with a flip of a switch
  • Includes a NEMA 120V 30A TT-30R outlet
  • Can get up to 18 hours of power from a tank of gas
  • Includes wheels, which makes the generator easier to transport


  • Exclusively powered by gas
  • Some users report issues with the electric switch

5. Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

Westinghouse WGen7500 Portable Generator

If you're looking for a heavy-duty generator that still has a reasonable price tag, this product from Westinghouse is an excellent option. Although it's more expensive than the other generators on this list, it delivers a tremendous value for the price. With 9500 peak watts and 7500 running watts, this is a truly powerful generator that you can count on to power your home.

This generator comes equipped with all of the tools you'll need, including a remote start fob, an oil funnel, and a tool kit. You can start the generator with a push of a button and can easily connect it to your home as needed. The 6.6-gallon tank provides up to 18 hours of power, which makes this a generator that you can truly rely on.


  • This generator offers dual-fuel capabilities, allowing you to choose between gas and propane
  • Backed by a three-year warranty
  • Can be started with a switch or remotely
  • Automatically shuts off when fuel is low
  • Includes a built-in fuel gaugea


  • Can't be used in inclement weather
  • The battery isn't connected to the generator when it arrives

7. Nexpow Portable Power Station

Nexpow Portable Power Station

If you're in the market for a generator that is truly cheap, this is one of the most affordable options on the market. With a price tag that's less than $100, it's hard to find an option that is cheaper than this one. In spite of its low price tag, this generator can provide quite a bit of power. It has a 48000mAh capacity, which is fairly impressive.

This easy-to-charge power station is ideal for emergencies. It's easy to charge and offers a variety of charging options, including a solar battery and a car charger. With a battery management system that allows for voltage and current control, you can safely use this power station when you need it.


  • Lightweight and incredibly portable
  • Comes with a lifetime of safety and technical support
  • Can serve as a torch when you need emergency lighting
  • Doesn't require fuel or gasoline
  • Can charge laptops, phones, and a variety of other devices


  • Not as powerful as many of the generators listed here
  • Some accessories need to be purchased separately

8. Green-Power America Gasoline Generator

Green-Power America Gasoline Generator

This quiet, powerful generator can provide you with up to 11 hours of power when operated at 50% capacity. With a 4-gallon fuel tank, this is a highly reliable generator that you can count on to provide you with power when you need it the most. The generator has attached wheels, allowing you to carry your generator with you wherever you go, even when you're traveling across rocky terrain.

 The generator is equipped with a low-fuel shutoff system, which means you won't run into problems if you forget to check on your fuel levels. It's able to operate in all weather conditions and includes a separate ground connector. This eco-friendly generator is powerful, efficient, and affordably priced.


  • 5000-watt generator offers an excellent value for the price
  • Safety features reduce the risk of engine damage
  • Reliable Honda motor is built to last
  • Incredibly portable in spite of its size
  • Easy to assemble


  • Needs to be assembled when it arrives
  • Some users report issues with the pull corda

9. Rainier R2200i Super Quiet Portable Power Station

Rainier R2200i Super Quiet Portable Power Station

This portable gasoline-powered generator can deliver 1800 rated watts and 2200 peak watts of power, allowing it to provide up to 13 hours of power in total. The generator is designed to be as quiet as possible, with just 52 dBA. It can be used to charge many kinds of devices, including sensitive devices like laptops.

 The generator is equipped with a built-in handle, which makes it easy to carry around when you're camping. It includes a low oil alarm, which means you can add more fuel as needed and provide more fuel. The generator also offers a variety of outlets, making it suitable for a number of purposes.


  • Includes a 3-year limited warranty
  • Has a neutral floating grounding port
  • One of the quietest generators on the market
  • Weighs less than 45 pounds, making it incredibly lightweight
  • Offers an eco mode, making it an environmentally-friendly option


  • May not be powerful enough for your needs
  • Low fuel alarm is very noisy

10. A-iPower Portable Generator

A-iPower Portable Generator

This bright red generator definitely stands out. The generator comes with a wheel kit, which means it's very easy to move around as needed. This is a high-powered generator that offers 4,500 starting watts of power. This is a gasoline-powered generator with a 4-gallon fuel tank. Digital monitoring makes it easy to see when your generator needs more fuel.

It comes equipped with an air-cooled engine, which means it's less likely that you'll have issues with overheating when the generator is in use. When operated with a 50% load, it provides 11 hours of power. Even though this generator is very powerful, it's also highly compact and lightweight, which means you can transport it at any time that you need to.


  • Wheels make this generator easy to transport
  • Reliable generator that's simple to use
  • Includes a variety of outlets, which means you can plug in all of the devices that you need to
  • Powerful engine is surprisingly quiet
  • Can operate multiple motor-driven appliances at the same time


  • Some assembly required
  • Some users report issues with the choke

11. WEN Super Quiet Inverter Generator

WEN Super Quiet Inverter Generator

This incredibly lightweight generator weighs just 39 pounds, making it very easy to transport and store. It's also extremely quiet. Even when you're standing in close proximity to the generator, you'll be able to have a conversation with someone without having to raise your voice.

Although the generator is small in size, it provides an impressive amount of power. It delivers 2,000 surge watts and 1,700 rated watts of clean power, making it suitable to charge many types of devices, including sensitive electronics. The generator automatically shuts off when the fuel level is low, which means that the engine won't be damaged.


  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • One of the lightest generators on the market
  • Although the generator is small, it includes a range of outlets and receptacles
  • Provides clean energy
  • Generator requires minimal maintenance


  • Grounding rod is not included
  • Requires an altitude kit if you intend to use this at altitudes above 2,000 feet

12. DuroMax XP5500E Electric Start Generator

DuroMax XP5500E Electric Start Generator

If you're looking for a generator with a powerful engine behind it, this is a terrific option. It's equipped with a 7.5 HP 25cc OHC engine, which means you can count on it to give you the power you need. It delivers 5,500 starting watts of power and 4,500 running watts. It provides more powers than many generators at this price point.

Although this generator is very powerful, it's also highly portable. Thanks to its wheels, it's easy to take your generator to a variety of places. It comes with a 3.9-gallon fuel tank and can provide eight hours of power on just one tank of gas. It's a dependable generator that you can truly depend and rely on.


  • Covered by a 3-year warranty
  • Includes an electric rocker start and a recoil pull-start
  • RPMs are automatically lowered when the generator is not in use
  • Powerful enough to run larger appliances, like a refrigerator
  • Produces 69 decibels of sound, making it quieter than many heavy-duty generators


  • Warranty is limited
  • Regular maintenance is required

Enginstar Portable Power Bank

Enginstar Portable Power Bank

This power station may be small, but it's also surprisingly powerful. It can charge any devices that require under 300w of power, such as laptops, cell phones, and even a mini-refrigerator. Although this generator isn't powerful enough to power an entire home, it makes an excellent backup generator.

While you can charge this generator by plugging it into the wall, you can also convert it into a solar-powered generator. The generator provides clean SINE AC wave power, which makes it suitable to use with sensitive devices. It's incredibly lightweight and, thanks to its handle, you can easily carry this with you wherever you go. If you're looking for a generator that you can take on camping trips and other excursions, this is a terrific option.


  • Include 24-month warranty and lifetime support
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee
  • Can provide hours of charging
  • At only eight pounds, this generator is incredibly lightweight
  • Can charge any device up to 300 watts


  • Solar power kit must be purchased separately
  • Not as powerful as many of the other generators listed here

Sunglife 500W Portable Generator

Sunglife 500W Portable Generator

This lithium power pack may be lightweight, but it still has plenty of power behind it. The generator is able to charge up to nine devices at the same time and can provide up to 500 watts of clean energy. You can use a solar panel to charge this generator with the sun, or you can connect it to an outlet or even a car. With a range of charging options, you won't have to worry about running out of power.

This device has a built-in battery management system that allows you to utilize your battery power more effectively. If you find yourself in an emergency situation, the device also includes an SOS signal that you can use to call for help. This isn't just a source of emergency power; this generator can be a very useful tool if you're in a tough situation.


  • Long-lasting battery can provide you with the power you need
  • Portable enough to take with you when you travel
  • Numerous charging options, which means you can always make sure you have the power you need
  • Can charge multiple devices at once with no issues
  • Can serve as a light source when needed


  • Some users have reported issues with the plastic tabs that cover outlets
  • Car charger adapter not included

Xtreme Power US Portable Generator

Xtreme Power US Portable Generator

If you're looking for a 4000-watt generator at a reasonable price, this is a terrific option. Although this generator is extremely powerful, you won't have to worry about overheating. The engine is air-cooled, which means it will always run at an appropriate temperature.

This generator uses a recoil start, making it safe and easy to use. It also comes with a fully loaded power panel, which includes a voltmeter and circuit breakers. It includes a variety of outlets and receptacles, allowing you to charge a variety of devices at once. It can provide more than 14 hours of power, which means you can rely on it in an emergency situation.


  • Can be a power source for electronics like video game consoles and televisions
  • Automatically shuts off when fuel levels are low
  • Fully EPA compliant
  • Package includes a range of tools, like a spark plug wrench and a gasoline generator
  • Power panel is fully loaded


  • Some users have issues with the user manual
  • Because wheels aren't available, this generator is difficult to transport

If you're in the market for a generator, you don't have to spend a ton of money. As you can see, there are all kinds of cheap generators on the market. You can find a generator that works with you without spending an arm and a leg. Whether you're looking for something you can take on camping trips or something that can provide power for your home, you'll be able to find an option that works with you.

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