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Generators are usually classified as big, bulky, fuel-thirsty machines, which are just like a big monster with an unending appetite for consuming your valuable cash. In fact, they are equally well-known for puffing out big black smoke and making a lot of noise.

Luckily, the technology has advanced to an extent where it's possible to run multiple appliances with a small portable battery generator that is the opposite of large bulky generators. These small portable generators are efficient, cost-effective, and quiet.

You can take these portable battery generators anywhere you like because they hardly weight more than a couple of pounds and most of them will even fit inside a backpack. Almost all of them have a retractable handle for carrying them around open spaces.

If a wall socket is available, you can just plug it in the power outlet or use a cigarette lighter of a car to recharge them. If none is available, get an optional solar-battery to charge them directly from the sunlight. Once fully charged, a typical portable battery generator will hold the charge from 6 to 8 hours depending on the load.

While there are nearly hundreds of different small battery-operated generators in the market, but their quality differs widely. If you don't want to do countless hours of research selecting the best portable battery generator, then this article is for you.

Here, we have provided a list of only the top-quality generators that have gained consistent positive reviews backed by solid credentials.

The list is not in any preferential order; therefore, it's recommended to read thoroughly because what's great for someone else may not be as useful for your specific requirements.

Best Portable Battery Generators for 2020

1. SUAOKI S270 Power Source

SUAOKI S270 Power Source

Among the most versatile portable generators in the market, the SUAOKI 270 is a true power source containing ten ports and aesthetic design. A logical choice for outdoors and camping, the small generator weighs only 2.9 pounds and offers a very compact dimension. It's super-easy to carry around as the two sturdy retractable handles seamlessly integrate into the panel giving it briefcase-style looks instead of a generator.

Despite such a small size, you will enjoy 150 Wh capacity and multiple output ports to connect various appliances. Using 2 AC outlets, 3 DC connections, 3 USB ports, and a single QC 3.0, it can power up anything from a light source to a laptop and a drone.

Another distinguishable feature is a fast recharge speed of 7 to 8 hours using a wall charger. In fact, the battery will also power up by plugging the 12V car adapter. For a more environmental friendly tone, you can charge it directly from the sunlight using a compatible solar power connection.

For outdoor use, the emergency flashlight can help light up the environment. There are also five clear LED lights displayed on top of the generator indicating the remaining charge. The package also contains useful accessories such as a DC car charger; MC4 cable for solar panel; AC adapter; and a DC cigarette lighter car adapter.

Overall, SUAOKI S270 is a great value for outdoor enthusiasts because it contains enough energy and power to sustain a huge variety of electrical appliances.


A large variety of connections and outlets to charge multiple devices.
One of the lightest portable generators in the market.
Great design that doesn't look like a generator.

2. Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station

For a powerful yet compact portable power source, this small generator is a handy companion for outdoor use and camping.

While six pounds may seem slightly overweight for comparable power stations, the 240 Wh and a strong built are definitely the highlights of this gadget. The boxed design provides multiple power options including two USB ports, AC outlet, 12V car output, and the option to buy a solar panel connector to power it directly from the sunlight. The generator can also power up CPAP machines for camping.

Similarly, the front panel has a very convenient large LCD screen that offers important information on battery life and other parameters. The feature is super useful allowing users to distribute power among multiple appliances for balanced output. After 6 hours, the generator will automatically shut off to store the reserve power for emergency purposes.

It's well-known that sudden electric surge can damage laptops and mobile phones; however, Jackery Explorer 240 will protect your sensitive devices because it uses a Pure Sine Wave. In simple words, it means that your appliances will always get a clean and stable electrical signal without power variations.

The manufacturer also boasts about 100% compatibility with US standard AC outlets and a 2-year warranty on its generators. If you require a long-lasting power source and don't necessarily mind carrying the 6.6 pounds of portable weight, this is probably among the best small generators in the market.


  • Among the most well-known small generators in the market.
  • Backed by a solid 2-year warranty mostly, which is mostly unmatched in the market.
  • More powerful than comparable generators of this size.

3. Yeti 400 Power Station

Yeti 400 Power Station

The Yeti family of portable chargers is known for its robust and rugged generators that can easily charge small and medium-sized electrical appliances. True to its roots, the Yeti 400 Power Station is a 29-pound energy source that can lit up a small campground with its quiet and reliable power.

Despite the bulk, it can be moved very easily due to a well-built handle and a balanced center of gravity. There are two USB ports, a 12V output, and 2 AC outlets. On a single charge it can fully charge a smartphone nearly 20 times; keep a mini-fridge operational for more than 7 hours; light up an LCD 32-inch TV for 3 consecutive hours, and recharge a headlamp more than 70 times.

As the name suggests, the Yeti 400 is designed for rugged outdoor environment; therefore, you will find plenty of solar-power compatibility options. This small portable generator can by paired with Nomad 20 to recharge itself independently in two days. For heavy use, pairing it with Boulder 100 Briefcase will charge the generator anywhere from six to twelve hours.

When plugged into the wall socket, it can recharge itself in about 5 hours. Similarly, a 12V car adapter can charge the Yet 400 in under 13 hours.

Inside the box, you will find the Power Station and a wall charger. It means that you will certainly need to buy other optional accessories. Critics may even lash out at a lack of multiple connections; however, you need to ask yourself how many times you need to use those surplus - useless connections. Overall, Yet 400 is made for practical usage and rugged outdoor environment without unnecessary features.


  • One of the most powerful and reliable small generators.
  • Quick recharging options for emergency purposes.
  • Great for large devices that consume more than 300W of electricity.

4. PAXCESS 100-Watt Portable Generator

PAXCESS 100-Watt Portable Generator

If this is the first time you're buying a portable generator or you need something to charge small electrical appliances, the 151Wh portable generator can deliver 40,000 mAh of consistent power. The 3.3 lbs design and features are in many ways comparable to the SUAOKI S270 Power Source, reviewed above.

The most noticeable feature is the compact design, retractable handle, and an LCD interface. A range of outputs includes 3 DC ports, 2 AC outlets, and 2 USB 5V connections making it practical to charge a huge range of devices. The charging option includes charging from the wall socket, sunlight, and the 12V car adapter.

Using the generator, you can power up laptops, phones, CPAP devices, and most home appliances that are under 100 Watts. Built for travel, the device is designed keeping in mind IATA safety guidelines, which means that you can take it with you on an airplane.

Tailor-made for camping and CPAP, there are two ways to power the CPAP machines. You can either use the 110V AC plug or the 12V DC plug. Before connecting with CPAP machines, just turn off or remove any humidifier or heater for safety purposes. Buying a PAXCESS product also means that it is drop-tested and fire-resistant.

If you require a small power station to charge electrical appliances of less than 100 Watts, there are few, if any, small generators that are as practical as PAXCESS 100-Watt Portable Generator.


  • IATA specifications means you can take it with you to airports without security hassles.
  • Enhanced support for CPAP machines.
  • Availability of 2 AC outlets is exceptional for the small size.

5. Webetop 155Wh Emergency Battery Generator

Webetop 155Wh Emergency Battery Generator

This is a top-notch multi-function generator, which uses a built-in 155Wh lithium battery to power a number of standard electrical appliances. The lightweight and compact design also ensure safety from short circuits and over-current.

Used for appliances under 100 Watts, there is an outlet for almost everything. For instance, it can easily power up a hairdryer, TV, lamp, or an electrical fan using 110V AC output. For car powered devices such as vacuum, car charger, and car fans, there are three 12V DC outlets. Similarly, three USB 5V outputs can charge gadgets such as the iPhone, GPS, and mp3 camera.

Built for outdoor independent use, the Webetop 155Wh runs quietly offering a steady power source. There is also an extra flashlight that can be turned on to a "blink mode" for emergency SOS services. Weighing a mere 3.48 pounds, it will easily fit inside a backpack.

The package contains the stand-alone generator, car charger, wall adapter, and a cigarette lighter car adapter. According to the manufacturer, the generator has a running time of approximately 4 hours for devices on AC power. Using a DC power converter, the generator can offer power for a much longer time. You can charge it through a wall outlet or connecting it to the car's 12V cigarette lighter source.

Overall, it's a great device offering multiple safety protections to safeguard your electrical appliances. It's also equipped with all the great features, which makes it a standout product among small portable generators.


  • Equipped with all the necessary features found in standard small generators.
  • Support for emergency light and SOS.
  • Variety of safety features to safeguard your devices.

6. Anker Powerhouse 400Wh

Anker Powerhouse 400Wh

Dubbed as the world's smallest 400Wh portable generator, this is certainly a premium product that is reputed to offer 434 watts of power. This is exceptional power considering the size, which is comparable to most 150Wh generator reviewed here. At 9.26 pounds, it's backed by a lithium-ion battery offering all the three major modes of power delivery.

The Powerhouse 400Wh contains a 12V socket and an AC outlet combined with four USB ports. When fully charged, you can charge your phones almost 40 times. Backed by the Anker brand, the generator is drop-tested to withstand the extremely rugged environment. The fire-resistant design also integrates a robust battery management system.

The BMS is a built-in system that actively manages voltage control, temperature, and short circuit prevention. Active cell balancing also ensures a maximum battery life, which means that the system will automatically handle power distribution when multiple devices are plugged. Similarly, the four USB ports use a fast-charging Power IQ technology to offer quick charge to your gadgets.

While some of the other generators reviewed here offer more than one DC and AC outlets, the existing design is tailormade for gadgets due to multiple fast-charging USB ports. Anyone looking for a small generator to power up their gadgets with the added ability to run most medium-sized devices, Anker Powerhouse 400Wh should be at the top of their wish list.


  • Exceptional power, which is enough to charge most medium-sized devices.
  • Multiple fast charging USB connections.
  • Ability to manage power distribution when multiple devices are plugged.

7. NEXPOW Portable Power Station

NEXPOW Portable Power Station

Delivering 48000mAh capacity and nearly 150W is no joke considering that this small portable generator is only 3.1 pounds. If you want to charge appliances that are less than 120W, there are few generators in the market that can match the efficiency of NEXPOW. If the connected device consumes more than 150W, the generator will automatically go in a protection mode.

Mac users will especially love the USB-C PD 3.0 port that is designed to charge the Macbook without an adapter. There are also two separate USB ports that can charge any gadget up to 15 Watts. Similarly, a single AC outlet and a DC port complement the electrical panel, which is neatly tucked on one side of the generator.

Just like other generators, it can be charged using a wall outlet or a 12V car socket. If using a solar battery, the generator can be charged in only 5 hours. At its core lies the BMS smart battery management system, which ensures maximum security from electric surge and high temperatures.


  • Support for Mac users.
  • BMS smart battery management system to safeguard electrical devices.
  • Fast recharging time of less than 5 hours.

8. Aeiusny Portable UPS 296Wh

Aeiusny Portable UPS 296Wh

If you're looking for a powerful portable generator that can help charge up to 9 devices simultaneously, Aeiusny's 400W power station is the answer. The sleek design is only 7.49 pounds making it easier for everyone to enjoy the outdoors.

The front panel offers multiple connections that include 3 AC outlets, 2 DC ports, and 4 USB slots. A clear display screen offers up-to-date information regarding battery life and important parameters. According to its manufacturer, the generator is capable of powering almost every device less than 400W. While it can also hold the charge for heavier appliances, the generator will automatically go in a protection mode if it detects appliances consuming more energy. It's not recommended to run hairdryers, electric drills, electric kettles, ovens, coffee machines, and gadgets consuming more than 400W.

Outdoor enthusiasts can also buy a 60W solar panel kit, which will come handy as it can easily charge the generator directly through sunlight without any power source. Similarly, the package also contains an AC wall outlet and a car cigarette port. To spice up things, new Aeiusny generators come with a 12-month warranty covering unintentional damage to the generator.

If you don't mind a generator exceeding 12 inches in diameter, it's perhaps among the most efficient and lightweight generators for appliances using more than 200W.


  • Among the lightest small generators in the 400W range.
  • Multiple connections for a variety of appliances.
  • Ample support for use with solar panels.

9. Soyond 200W Portable Generator

Soyond 200W Portable Generator

Soyond is a brand synonymous with producing one of the most innovative small generators in the industry. This benchmark product from the company offers 222Wh battery integrating multiple protective features including a 300W surge.

While there are definitely smaller portable generators in the market, this power station offers an excellent weight-to-power ratio considering that it is less than 5 pounds. The high-quality lithium-ion batteries also ensure that the lifespan of the generator lasts nearly 500 full charges. Rechargeable through 3 ways, it takes less than 8 hours to charge it using a standard wall outlet. Similarly, you can use your car outlet or the optional solar power kit.

The range of outputs includes a single 110V AC outlet that has a peak of 300Watt. In addition, there are four 12V DC connections for car chargers, car vacuums, fans, and accessories. These outlets are complemented by 4 USB ports that can also support Quick Charge 3.0 output. The fast QI charging will definitely come handy for powering up cell phones, laptops, and other gadgets in less time. In fact, the USB port supports also support Type-C connectors used mostly by Android phones.

For emergency purposes, there is a dual-LED light and a blink mode for SOS. Likewise, it has 2 ways to power up the CPAP machine. You can either use the 110V AC plug or the 12V DC plug to connect with CPAP.

There is no doubt that Soyond came with a top-notch device that is equipped with almost every useful feature that you can find in any of the other small generators in the market. It will not be an overstatement to suggest that this 222Wh 60000mAH Portable Generator is packed full of useful features and offers more power than many other standard small generators in the market.


  • Excellent weight-to-power ratio.
  • A huge variety of connections for almost every type of gadget.
  • Extended lifespan that can withstand 500 charge.

10. FlashFish 300W Solar Generator

FlashFish 300W Solar Generator

This is an impressive product by FlashFish, which offers 222Wh of backup power supply and all the basic features you're likely to find in other generators.

There is a single 110V AC outlet for CPAP, laptops, and lights. Similarly, two 12V DC connections are optimal for use with car chargers. Perhaps, users will most likely appreciate the 3 USB ports as two of these use the QC3.0 standard known for offering faster charge to phones and other small gadgets.

For a generator that can supply 300W of continuous power up to 350W, it's a handy generator considering it weighs only 5.6 pounds. In addition, the pure sine wave technology also ensures optimal performance to provide a steady consistent flow of electrical current.

While the label may show a total capacity of 20000mAh, don't get confused because the disclaimer is just for legal purposes. Instead, there are three 20Ah lithium-ion batteries that can hold a combined charge of 60000mAh. A large LCD display on the side panel displays the remaining battery charge and indications.

Just like other generators of its capacity, the 110AC outlet will only charge devices up to 350W before automatically shutting down if the power exceeds the typical limit. If you're buying a brand new generator, the package comes with all the required accessories such as a car charger, a power adapter, and a cigarette lighter adapter. If desired, you can buy a solar panel separately.

It's a dynamic generator build around a well-known brand. It means that you can definitely rely on this generator to safely power up your gadgets without worrying about the electric surge and other faults that can potentially damage your appliances.


  • Among the best generators between 150W and 300W range.
  • Plenty of fast charging options.
  • Lots of free accessories such as car charger, a power adapter, and a cigarette lighter adapter.

11. NusGear 155Wh Power Station

NusGear 155Wh Power Station

Larger than most 150Wh generators, this portable power station actually weighs only 3.52 pounds. However, it's also one of the most practical power generation units out there as the 42000mAh battery can easily recharge a typical laptop nearly four times. Similarly, it will offer backup support during emergencies, hurricanes, and blackouts.

The beautiful design is tailormade for a wide range of appliances. You can easily connect several electrical appliances to the 110V AC outlet or to a 10A DC port. Likewise, there is a QC3.0 USB port for a quick recharge and another QC3.0 C-type connection for smartphones. Two other 3.1A USB ports complement the charging station making NusGear 155Wh a perfect companion for charging phones, mp3 players, e-reader tablets, and other gadgets.

Just like most other small portable battery generators, it's made for appliances that consume less than 100W. Just remember that connecting anything more than 100W will force the generator to go in a protection mode. Still, you can hook multiple devices at once considering that the unit uses BMS, battery management system, to control electric spikes, high temperature, and short-circuit protection.

Due to its reliability, this is definitely one of the most sought after products, which mostly get excellent reviews from its users. Besides, it's lightweight, practical, beautifully designed, and offers a range of options making it a great choice for outdoors and emergency backups.


  • Highly rated by users and experts.
  • Equipped with almost all the necessary features.
  • Faster recharge than the typical small generators reviewd in this list.

12. Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator

Rockpals 250-Watt Portable Generator

This is yet another exceptional multi-purpose power station designed to provide stable charge to devices up to 250W. Backed by a trusted brand like Rockpals, it's used by thousands of outdoor enthusiasts attracted by a dual AC outlet and 4 DC connections.

Unlike most other generators in this list, this 5.5 pounds machine offers two 120V AC outlets that come with 300 Watt power surge protection. You will also get 4 12V DC ports that really come handy when you're dependent on your car or the trailer for support.

Another distinguishing feature of this unit is the use of MPPT solar technology. Anyone looking to use solar panels to charge this small generator will really appreciate the Maximum Power Point Tracker controller that has the ability to recharge the generator in almost 40% less time than it takes to charge similar generators.

The use of Pure Sine Wave technology is yet another bonus as a stable electric current will ensure the safety of your devices. The battery has 64800mAh power capacity, which means longer backup during power outages and adverse weather conditions.

Overall, Rockpals 250-Watt small portable generator is particularly useful due to the dual AC outlet. While we would have loved a fast-charging USB 3.0 port, the existing setup should suffice for most users looking for a very reliable full-featured small generator that can also recharge quickly under the sunlight.


  • Dual AC outlets complemented by 4 DC connections.
  • MPPT solar technology that can recahrge the generator quickly.
  • Backed by a brand that has a rock-solid reputation.

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