How To Buy The Best Portable Generator Enclosure Available

If you have decided to invest in a portable generator, there are a few things to consider. Many people will often consider the amount of noise it will produce or how it can be protected from bad weather. Both of these problems can be somewhat resolved when you invest in a portable generator enclosure. These are extremely helpful in protecting your investment, yet they are extremely affordable. Here are a few things that you should think about before deciding on one portable generator enclosure of your own.

Aspects Of Portable Generator Enclosures To Consider

There are many factors revolving around the purchase of a portable generator enclosure. You want to obtain one for an affordable cost. However, there are other issues that need to be assessed. These factors can contribute to the final decision that you make. This would include:

  1. The weatherproof enclosure that you choose should be able to handle any type of inclement weather. Essentially, whether it is snowing, raining, or if there is extreme hail, it will protect your portable generator.
  2. Always obtain a portable enclosure that is slightly larger than the generator that you currently own. If it is significantly larger, this is important as it gives you extra room to move around.
  3. Your portable generator should be installed on a steel reinforced concrete pad. This is where the enclosure will also be situated.
  4. Most of these enclosures are going to have security measures. If you have children, this can help you protect them from it. It is also a deterrent for would be criminals that may decide to steal it.
  5. Ventilation is very important when considering these enclosures. This will help dissipate the heat and exhaust produced by the motor.
  6. Each of the enclosures that you find will have hoods that can prevent the entry of not only rain but also birds, rodents and insects.
  7. You can get easy access to the generator on some of them through a large front top cover lift up door.
  8. It may come equipped with a wire cage fan which will reduce the probability of personal injuries that can be caused when the fan blades are moving.
  9. The enclosure should also be designed based upon the fuel that is used which can be air cooled gasoline, diesel, natural gas or others.
  10. The frame of the enclosure should be manufactured with nonflammable aluminum. This is not only for safety, but can also ensure that the frame itself will not develop rust.
  11. One final thing to consider is getting a portable generator enclosure with a hot temperature cut-out. This can be an additional way to ventilate the interior.

Now that you have a general idea about portable generator enclosures, you may want to think about which ones would be best for your situation.

What Are The Best Types Of Portable Generator Enclosures?

There are quite a few different styles of workable generator enclosures available. The one that you choose will likely be the result of assessing its attributes and price. Some of these are not necessarily designed to be a portable generator enclosure, but can be modified for this purpose.

Solid Storage Sheds

One of the most common is a solid storage shed. These can be designed to match the exterior of your home. Although these are typically used for storing your gardening tools and other items, it can just as easily be a makeshift portable generator enclosure. The reason that these are very popular is because of their cost. They are also readily available from home-improvement companies. In addition to this, they are typically built with materials that make them somewhat soundproof. All of these factors clearly show why these are often used.

Generator Cover Tent

This solution is very different from using a storage shed. The tent itself can be placed over the top of the portable generator. For many, this is a better decision. It is likely more affordable, has convenient strap blocks, and can also provide the generator shelter from rain. Also, if it happens to rain while you are using it, you can easily put the cover on within seconds. This will likely be the best choice for most people, especially those that are concerned about price and convenience.

Other Options To Consider

There are a few other options to consider when looking for a portable generator enclosure. Most people simply put them in their garage. They may also have an additional outbuilding that is not being used. People that have a carport can also use this for temporary or permanent cover. If you are handy with tools and lumber, you can certainly make your own. It should simply be three times as big as the generator with insulated walls. You could likely get away with using plywood, screws, and a few two by fours. This could be done in a matter of hours.

Are There Specific Portable Generator Enclosures Available?

You can go to online stores such as Amazon that you have these available. They are designed in many different ways. One of the best is that GenTent 10k Generator Tent Running Cover which can handle portable generators that produce up to 10,000 W of power. These are essentially canopies that fit over the entire unit. The primary benefits include allowing you to run your generator, even while rain or snow is falling. Since it is waterproof, and not simply water-resistant, the electrical components of the unit are protected. It is also because it is a canopy that it is better than a stationary physical structure. Natural airflow is definitely possible. It can handle up to 70 mph of wind, and hurricane-force precipitation. This would likely be a top choice for many people looking for an affordable portable generator enclosure.

The choice that you make will be based upon what you believe is best. A physical enclosure might be exactly what you need. People that use these generators are typically indoors, such as in a garage area, or they are working outside on a sunny day. For those that may use this for emergencies, the canopy covers are simply the best. If you need to run your portable generator outside, and the weather is horrible, then you will want to utilize the tent canopy over any other possible cover.

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