Finding The Right Generator Transfer Switch

Looking to protect your family from an energy malfunction? It's a choice that'll protect your food, your ability to bathe, and keep you cooking. Families are choosing portable generators as a way of opting out of emergencies.

Having a generator only requires one important accessory to work. One simply can't function without the other. You'll need a portable generator switch.

The generator transfer switch gives you the ability to to get things working. Connecting it to your household circuit is all that has to be done.

You can get a lot out of portable generator with its ability to connect to all the essential appliances that keep your household functioning.

It's the safest way to ensure compliance with safety and building code regulations while getting the power you need.

Get the appliances you need functioning again. These essentials include your fridge, air conditioning, and lights.

Having a generator transfer switch provides your family with safety. There may be a lot of hazards around, especially when there's a natural disaster occurring. A generator backup switch will help you minimize the risks.

Is there a way around the purchase? It's not something we find safe, and you shouldn't either. Extension cords come with a lot of risks.

Here are just some of the reasons:

The danger comes when the power is restored. You aren't capable of knowing when this is going to happen. The generator will keep functioning when it's hooked up to an electrical cord.

This creates a dangerous situation known as back feed. While it's certainly a danger to your appliances and electrical system, the result can be a lot more horrific.

Back feed can create fires and cause electrocutions to occur. This could put your family in serious danger.

Regardless of how good you are at home projects, you're an amateur if you're not a trained electrician. Making the generator transfer switch super important to have installed by a professional.

The Only Fool Proof Method

The generator transfer switch is the only fool proof method to protect your family. It's guaranteed safety you simply can't find from any other hookup. Our home's ability to power our appliances is complicated and was strategically laid out by a qualified electrician. Mimicking this power with a portable generator has to be done safely. It's still possible to run everything you need. It just needs to be done with the right tools at hand.

Looking For The Right One?

There are quite a few generator transfer switches. All of them perform the same function but are not all equal. You can make your own judgement and view the one that'll be the best to power your home. Some of it depends on the level of power you need. Here are a few families are relying on:

Reliance Control

31410CRK Pro/Tran

10-Circuit 30 Amp

It's a rather expensive model but with that comes high quality. This $397 generator transfer switch will power up to ten circuits to keep your power flow up at the highest level. For double pole circuits, it will power up to five.

The high maximum of 7,500 watts keeps multiple appliances running strong. A strong cabinet contains all that power to keep electricity flowing safely. It comes in a cool gray to make it just as attractive as it is functional.

The ten foot power cords make it easily attachable. It also has extra 20A plugs and a 30A power outlet box.

Reliance Controls

31406CRK 30 Amp 6-circuit Pro

This one is very similar to the one listed above. It can still power many appliances, but it only has six poles. It has just as much power at 7,500 watts. The holes length is the same at 10 feet. If you want to keep a few things lit, like the lights on and the fridge, it's perfect for your needs. It just doesn't have as full of a hook up. You'll save more than $100 with this model being priced at $277. It also comes with a 20A plugs and a 30A power outlet box.

Reliance Controls

TF151W Easy/Tran

You don't have to spend a ton of money to get a quality generator transfer switch. This simple, yet sturdy model only comes in at around $82. This one's designed to keep a single circuit functioning. For some families, that's all they need. They only want to keep the fridge or a few lights running. The most common one families find is a necessity is the fridge.

The pre-wired codult is made with quality aluminum to prevent malfunctions and safety disasters. Its max power is 1,875 watts. That's enough to keep one or a couple appliances functioning perfectly. It has one double circuit pole.

It's multi functional. It's great for portable generators. With that, it's also excellent at working with RV generators and inverters.

What's Best For Your Needs?

Understanding The Wattage Of Your Generator

The wattage of your generator and transfer switch have to match. It's especially important to make sure the wattage of your transfer switch is at least more than that of your generator, if not equal. You don't want to overpower a generator switch that isn't equipped to handle it.

Make Sure It's A Full Kit

The generator transfer switches listed come as full kits that give you everything you need to get your generator up and running again. Any essential parts that are missing from the one you choose means spending more money. The goal of purchasing a set is to make your generator complete. With that, you do not have to purchase one of the ones listed to find a generator transfer switch that's ready to go. It's a good idea to compare many more. It needs to be fully ready to run when the electrician comes over to get it going.

Manual Or Automatic?

You have two to choose from when it comes to general types. There are manual and automatic transfer switches. You may find the manual to be a better option:

The manuals are much better for those who believe they'll only need to use their generator in an occasional emergency. It's perfect for that occasional blackout. Those who believe their generator use will be extremely rare and won't last a long amount of time may enjoy saving the money by going with a manual one.

Not interested in hiring an electrician? This model makes it so you don't have to. It's an easy installation process that'll help you avoid the mistakes an electrician is required to fix.

This device doesn't come on by itself. You have to switch it. Those who suffer a lot of power outages, typical of people who live in areas with harsh weather, may prefer an automatic as it just comes on:

Those who aren't interested in messing with their electrical outlet once the power goes down may like it's feature of being able to sense when it is. Turning on the generator is all that's needed. With that, it's super easy to turn a manual on and is one more quick thing to do. You may find it worth saving the money.

These generators can cost up to $1,000. That's pretty pricey and unnecessary for a portable generator. They're designed for massive, whole house ones.

What's Typically Missing

Generally, generator switches come in kits with everything you need. It isn't always the case when it comes to some of the manufacturers. If anything's missing, it's probably the power cord. You'll need to find and purchase the right one for your machine. Different types of generators require different cords. With portable generators, the right answer seems to be a 30 amp cord. It's easy to tell the amp. There should be 4 clogs.

You may want to buy an extension cord if you plan on placing your generator far from the switch. The models that comes with them typically has a 10 foot length. It makes it only possible to keep them in the same area together. Those who need more length will have to purchase one regardless.

Should I Install It Myself?

While it is possible, it's much better to get a professional to handle the job. When it comes to your power grid, there's always a risk of electrocution when doing anything yourself. A professional electrician knows how to minimize this risk and have it installed safely.

Are you confident? Those who are used to doing home maintenance projects may have a knack for it. While it's always safer to let a qualified electrician handle the job, finding an excellent guide and doing it yourself is an option.

A Legal Installation

While consequences are unlikely, you need a permit to have one installed. Trouble can come up if something goes wrong and it is found that you have no permit. Those investigating a fire started by your generator will want to see one if it unlikely occurs.

Understanding The Cost That's Right For You

A homeowner shouldn't be dishing out more than $500 for a generator transfer switch that's designed for a portable model. Anything above is designed for a permanent, more central model. The price you want to pay depends on what you can afford and what you need. Those who can dish out for more power often do it. It's much nicer to have all your necessities up and running.

When the best model can't be bought, the first thing people sacrifice on running is their AC. It's typically more important for them to have lighting and keep their fridge running. Homeowners who purchase a model that's only capable of running one thing, they're typically under $100, often choose to keep their fridge running. Stand alone lights are easier to buy than a mini-fridge that'll still cause you to sacrifice some food due to its size.

The Limitations

It's important to note that portable generators do have their limitations. They are not suitable for running every appliance in the house. They will not be the same as having your regular flow of electricity back. Things like blenders, blow dryers, and air fryers should not be turned on. Portable generators are suitable for running your basic necessities such as:




Keeping It On For A Long Time?

Natural disaster, such as hurricanes, can leave you without power for a long time. In some situations, it can take months before you get it back. It's important to note that portable generators run out of fuel every 10-13 hours. That does not mean you won't be able to run it for days. It's important to make sure you have enough fuel for the time you'll need to run it. If you believe you may be suffering from an extended power outage soon, you may want to look into more powerful generator types. They can often be more fuel efficient.

Taking A Preemptive Measure

Ensuring your home has everything it needs to function in a disaster or short power outage is highly important for the comfort of your family. While you may be considering the cost of purchasing a generator, it's also important to note that you can save a lot more money by doing so. The fridge going out can spoil a lot of food. This is an especially harsh problem if you keep things in the freezer. Why throw out and purchase groceries all over again when you can buy a generator to save them?

It's important to take safety issues into account. Even when purchasing a generator transfer switch instead of an extension cord, it is possible for safety issues to occur. The best way to avoid them is by getting a qualified electrician who can install one. Doing it yourself can be done. It's important to be aware of the potential risk of electrocution.

A generator transfer switch comes in handy. Don't purchase one without understanding what your generator needs. Finding the right one boils down to understanding how much power your generator has. When the right choice is made, you should be able to run your generator with no problem. Enjoy the power!

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