Government of Ontario requests Expert Advice

Government of Ontario requests ‘Expert Advice’ on Wind Turbine Noise 

Toronto, January 20, 2010- The government of Ontario admitted this week that it does not know ‘how or whether’ to measure for low frequency sound at wind turbine installations. 

Two Requests for Proposal were issued yesterday by the Ontario Ministry of Environment to help the ministry in “determining how or whether to regulate low frequency noise emissions from wind turbines”. 

The requests go on to state:

“The Ministry requires a consultant to assist in the development of a measurement procedure to assess noise compliance of existing wind farms with the applicable sound level limits”

“Unlike typical industrial noise sources, measurement of audible noise from wind turbines in general raises technical challenges” 

The request adds: 

“.the MOE Noise Guidelines for Wind Farms, October 2008 do not contain a measurement method for assessing the actual noise impact.” 

Questions arise: 

If the government does not have a method for measuring noise impact, why are they moving ahead with more wind developments before proper studies and science are completed? 

How did the Ministry of Environment arrive at an arbitrary distance of 550m from industrial wind turbines to protect from noise? 

Reports of adverse health effects experienced by people living too close to industrial wind turbines have been brought to the attention of the Ministry of Environment for more than two years. 

Nothing has been done to mitigate the suffering and many have been forced to abandon their homes or be bought out by a wind developer. Hundreds of requests for mitigation of the issue have not been dealt with yet industrial wind turbines continue to be erected. 

The Society for Wind Vigilance, an International Federation of Physicians and other professionals, repeats its appeal to all governments including the Government of Ontario to place a moratorium on all wind development until a third party health study is conducted into the impact of industrial wind turbines on human health. 

At the minimum, current turbines should be turned off at night as a French court ruled and new industrial wind turbines should be set back a minimum of 2000 meters from residences. Ongoing monitoring for adverse health effects must be conducted. 


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