Our Testing and Research Process

Our Research Process Defined

Here at About Generators, we strive to provide detailed and comprehensive yet unbiased analysis on all of the latest product releases occurring within the entire industry. We scour the internet to collect all of the pertinent information that a consumer would need to know about the various products being sold within the industry. We utilize countless sources to ensure that we are providing the most accurate data to our visitors.

Our sole objective is to help you make the best possible purchasing decision to ensure that you get a generator that is capable of satisfying all of your needs, aligned with the goals of the Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project. We pride ourselves on being a complete one-stop-shop for all things generators. We not only work hard to deliver up-to-date reviews on the latest products that release, but we strive to provide educational resources along with it. We know how crucial a buying decision can be to getting the most out of a generator purchase. We truly believe getting the right generator fit can change your way of living for the better.

Because of this, we have prepared and we execute a comprehensive research process and the data collection gathering technique will give us the ability to provide accurate analysis of the different generators that we review. You can find more information about our research process as defined below.

Our Sources For Data Collection:

1. Product Review Websites

We generate a lot of our data for our comprehensive analysis from various review websites. We know how important it is to get quality and accurate analysis and we know how commonplace fake reviews are within the marketplace. Because of this, we strive for complete transparency and complete authenticity.

We know how often website owners are encouraged to give positive review scores for brands and businesses that compensate them. As a result, we analyze the site prior to including it into our analysis. We know how important it is to only include reviews from sites that have garnered a level of credibility and authenticity like our own. We only focus on using unaffiliated website reviews in our comprehensive analysis to ensure that we are not leading our visitors down the path of being swayed by a biased review score. This includes websites that have demonstrated and established credibility like Consumer Reports.

We know how important it is to only get reviews from those that don't have a vested interest in the product itself. As a result, we work to only include the most credible and unbiased reviews in our gathering of review scores. You can rest easy knowing that all of the scores we use are from sources with absolutely no connection or vested interest in the brand itself.

Retailers Pages

We know how prominent larger retailers are in the marketplace and we use Amazon's product pages as a source for our data points. This allows us to really be able to get a lot of feedback and opinions which can help us formulate a wide-spread analysis. Due to the market Amazon reaches, we know that including reviews found on the site can lead to a very good data set that our visitors can benefit from. However, we scour the reviews and evaluate them for authenticity to ensure that we are not including any review that is determined to be fake or inauthentic in our review score. We know how prominent fake reviews are even on larger scale marketplaces like Amazon. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing we have specific criteria each review has to meet to be considered for our scoring.


A lot of the information that we use as a data point for our own analysis comes directly from real customers that we find on industry-related forums and communities alike. We search for each product and model that we review to try to find real discussions occurring about the product and we use these sites to gather a lot of real feedback already existing in the wild to provide in an easy and accessible way to our own visitors.

Our Own Product Testing

We know that this can be a crucial and viable means to evaluate products. After all, getting hands-on experience with a particular product is going to allow you to really be able to analyze it and come up with a well-informed opinion of it. We use this method within our research process to ensure that we are able to provide a unique perspective on the product itself. While it's not the end-all-be-all to our research process, it can add a certain layer of credibility to our review scores. After all, we aren't able to fully utilize each and every product that we review in every imaginable scenario. Therefore, we tend to value the real experiences and real results that we gather from actual customers to ensure that we are giving the full scope of the analysis to our visitors.

We always strive to involve customers throughout the process in order to give out full transparency. We use publicly accessible information and we use real product manufacturers or brand product descriptions.

Why Us?

Our Comprehensive Approach

Aboutgenerators.com strives to provide full and complete coverage of all things generators including generators and accessories alike. You will find information on large generators, portable generators, and more. Having accurate access to the various information involved in the generator industry can help consumers make much better and more informed purchasing decisions. You will only find the best and most detailed reviews and information on generators on our site.

We Make It Easy

We know exactly what you need to know in order to make a good buying decision when you are shopping for a generator. After all, we are consumers ourselves. Therefore, we make it as easy as possible to identify your needs, how to pinpoint a product that meets your specific needs, and how to sort through the various options at different price points to pick out a generator that you would be satisfied with. We have evaluation criteria and a weighted scale that allows prospective customers to easily identify the right generator that is suitable for themselves. We offer unbiased reviews on a wide range of generators including different types, brands, and models. We know how important it is to not only be able to identify the best generators in the market, but also the generator that is right for your particular situation. We help you navigate through the entire buying process to ensure you reach a buying decision that you would be satisfied with.

We Are Precise

We know how crucial it is to only deliver the facts and the most accurate data to our visitors. We take our data analysis very seriously and we focus on precision above all else. Here at Aboutgenerators.com, you are only going to get the most up-to-date and accurate information about the latest and greatest in the generator industry. We have specific parameters that our rating system abides by in order to generate the most accurate ratings possible. This includes the following:

1. Reference Points

We provide each and every single one of our reviews a clear reference point for the consumer experiences and the sources that we use. Our research team collects the necessary data to evaluate different factors that are needed when we are compiling data to find the best generators in the industry. Once we have exhausted all attempts at finding the best reviews, we work to suppress any ratings until we have the specified amount of data that we feel is suitable for good judgment. All of this information will be readily available on the various generators we review.

2. We Ensure Reviews Are Verified

We know how many fake reviews are scattered across the Internet. We vet every single review that is included in our analysis to ensure that we are giving only the most accurate review score possible. We examine each review in order to ensure that it matches the quality expectations that we have for our reviews. We ensure that the review is from someone who is a verified buyer and/or from someone that owns the product or brand.

We Have No Bias or Vested Interest

This should be the case with any review website. If you are going to be reviewing products within a specific industry, you should have no affiliation with any particular brand nor should you allow yourself to have a vested interest in any brand. This is what we promise to our visitors. We offer complete and utter impartiality. We have no bias or vested interest in giving a particular brand a good review score. We know how much our visitors trust us with our judgment and analysis and we would never break that trust by allowing us to be partial to a specific brand or manufacturer.

What If A Product Is Missing?

As you are likely well aware, there are a lot of different products in the industry. As a result of our comprehensive data analysis and the entire process involved from start to finish, it can take us a long time to review each and every product we come across. We do our best with our team of researches to ensure that each of the products we review is analyzed in the fullest detail. As a result, we might not have enough data points and references to guarantee the accuracy or thoroughness of a particular product. If you don't see a specific make or model listed on our site, it doesn't necessarily mean we have disregarded it. It could mean we don't have all of the pertinent data points that we need to feel confident in publishing our review. We will always continue to update as soon as we feel we have exhausted our analysis and you can always check to see if we have updated our reviews to include the product you might be interested in.

As you can see, we do everything possible to ensure that we are providing the most detailed and accurate analysis of each and every generator we come across. We know how difficult it can be for a novice or someone new to the industry to be able to evaluate all of the options to find the most suitable generator. Something as simple as buying a generator shouldn't be so complicated. This is why we have put together the most complete and comprehensive website that you can leverage to help you make much better and more informed buying decisions. We do everything we possibly can to help our visitors understand what is important to know about generators, how to identify the right generator for your needs, and which generators would provide them with the best overall experience. We look forward to providing you with the analysis you need to help you make the best and most informed buying decision.