Society for Wind Vigilance is a major supporter of the international federation of Wind Vigilance and spreading the awareness.

The Bulletin of Science, Technology and Society publishes second special issue on the impacts of wind turbines on communities. 

Welcome to The Society for Wind Vigilance

The Society for Wind Vigilance is an international federation of physicians, engineers and other professionals.

The objectives of the The Society for Wind Vigilance are: 

  • The safe siting of wind turbine facilities based on human health research.   
  • Education through the dissemination of facts and references on the risk of adverse health effects of human exposure to industrial wind turbines. 
  • To work constructively with interested parties to ensure that guidelines for wind turbine facilities will protect the health and safety of communities; and to achieve vigilance monitoring and long term surveillance regarding the risks to health of industrial wind turbines.

Understanding the Mission of The Society for Wind Vigilance

Do you know that turbines can protect your health? They make communities safer. But there are both psychological and physiological risks involved in the process of setting up these turbines. Wondering if anyone cares to mitigate these risks? Well, that’s why The Society for Wind Vigilance exists. This international federation consists of engineers, physicians, and other eminent professionals who want to share and promote the development of international wind turbine guidelines to ensure the safety and health of nearby communities.

Their sole mission is to mitigate the physiological and psychological risks involved during and after the setting up of industrial wind turbines. They take the help of independent third-party researchers to fortify their findings and provide solutions to prevent adverse health effects that the development of wind turbines can bring.

Objectives of The Society for Wind Vigilance

The Society for Wind Vigilance has a three-fold objective:

• Safe siting of international wind turbine facilities after assessing all the reports of human health research.
• Educating people with concrete facts and references about the adverse health effects of industrial wind turbines to human exposure.
• Work with interested parties constructively to make sure that the guidelines they come up with for wind turbine facilities protect the health and safety of nearby communities. The association also pledges to focus on long-term surveillance and achieve vigilance monitoring when it comes to the risks associated with the health of people due to the installation of industrial wind turbines.

Challenges faced by The Society for Wind Vigilance

The siting of industrial wind turbines doesn’t have any authoritative international guidelines as of now. This poses a challenge to The Society for Wind Vigilance because more and more industrial wind turbine facilities are being set up globally. According to reports from various countries, the pace at which governments are installing industrial wind turbine facilities is similar to the growing population in the world.

Different countries may have different sets of rules regarding noise and setback requirements. This is one of the reasons why The Society for Wind Vigilance can’t come up with a fixed list of guidelines that would work for all the countries. The varied noise and setback requirements are resulting in individuals complaining about their health due to their exposure to some of the industrial turbine facilities. In fact, in some of the extreme cases, a few families have had to even abandon their homes and move elsewhere to protect their health.

But according to recent reports, the members of The Society for Wind Vigilance did sit down and reviewed and compared the health, safety, and cultural heritage related to the siting guidelines. One thing was common for the array of results the members had to compare: they focused on spatial separation between sensitive areas and wind turbines. Separation distances here mean the areas are not recommended by health professionals because it puts majority of the population at risk. The Society for Wind Vigilance, however, are discussing how to mitigate this issue and make the guidelines flexible for different countries.

The Society for Wind Vigilance consider both local and national regulations to determine the setback of wind turbines from populated localities. According to the regulations, the turbines need to reach the maximum noise level on the receptors installed nearby. This would help the experts determine whether they should consider the area under separation distance or continue to keep installing wind turbines.

The Society for Wind Vigilance is doing a great job at keep adverse health effects of the installation of industrial wind turbines at bay. Its members are working to make the world a healthier place to live for everyone.

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