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Are you searching for a reliable and performance oriented power generator? WEN is one of the most well-known brands in the power generator industry. The company makes a huge variety of generators and you will definitely find something for your unique needs among the huge collection of generators made by Wen.

Why Buy WEN Generators?

If you're wondering why you should consider WEN generators, you should know that the company has been making reliable appliances since 1951. The company is known for making reliable products with the latest technology to keep their customers trusting them for years to come. Once you buy one of the wen generators you will see why so many customers keep coming back for more. 

The company has been so successful that they sold more than 50 million products in their first 50 years. In other words, they have an established brand name and consumers trust their products to be reliable and long-lasting.

If you are in the market for Wen generators, you will find a wide variety with power output ranging from 1250 W to 13,000 W. Also, there are hundreds of models made by the company which means you should be able to find something you need.

However, this also creates a challenge as it is not easy to choose the right model among so many options. This is the reason, we have decided to review the 4 best Wen generators on the market along with their pros and cons. Check the reviews below and choose a generator that best suits your needs.

The Wen Generator Reviews

1. WEN 56475 Portable Generator (Top Rated Wen Generators) 

WEN 56475 Portable Generator (Top Rated Wen Generators)

If you are looking for one of the best portable Wen generators then the WEN 56475 is your answer. It is a nice upgrade from the 56180 portable generator. With this generator, you will get peak power output of 4750 W with running power of 3750 W. It is capable of powering most of your appliances.

Key Features

It is a powerful generator that is capable of supplying reliable power for many hours. In most cases, small families do not need more than 2000 watt of power at a given time. Since it is capable of producing running wattage of more than 3500 W, it can sustainably power almost all of your household appliances. In fact, you can also run your air conditioning system with this power generator.

It comes with equipped with an electric push start button which means you just need to push a button to start your power generator.

It is powered by a 223 cc engine.

It weighs only 112.5 pounds and has dimensions of 26.6 x 17.1 x 17.3 inches which make it portable. The generator is protected by a steel frame on all-terrain tires and you won't have any problems in moving the generator from one place to another.

It also comes equipped with an automatic voltage regulator as well as low oil shutdown feature. There is also overload protection to keep everyone safe.

It is CARB compliant and it also meets EPA III requirements in all the 50 states.

In terms of outlets, you get two outlets with 120 V. There is also a 120 V receptacle for your RV. There is a digital meter which displays engine hours to help you stick to regular maintenance schedule.


  • It is capable of generating 4750 W of peak power with running power of 3750 W.
  • Its dimensions and compact design make it portable and it is supported by all-terrain tires making it easy to move.
  • The 4 gallon fuel tank size allows you to get power for up to 11 hours at half load.
  • It is easy to maintain and repair.


  • Some people might find it louder. Also, it is not really meant to be carried on your car when you go camping or for other outdoor recreational activities.

2. WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator

WEN 56200i Portable Inverter Generator

The Wen 56200i is one of the latest models of portable generators made by the company. This portable inverter generator is known for low total harmonic distortion which makes them safe to use with delicate electrical appliances. Since the Wen 56200i is an inverter generator, it is perfectly capable of generating power with low total harmonic distortion making it safe to use with all your household appliances.

Key Features

This inverter generator is powered by a 79.7 cc, 4 stroke, OHV engine. This engine is capable of generating 2000 watt of peak power and running power of 1600 W. With the Wen 56200i generator, you can run up to 4 computer systems, a small fridge, a 32 inch LED TV along with some other devices that require low amount of power.

It is extremely portable when you consider its weight at just 48 pounds.

It is extremely quiet with a noise level of just 53 dB. A typical refrigerator produces noise levels of around 50 dB.

It comes with a carry handle at the top allowing you to take it anywhere easily.

You get one outlet of 120 V AC, a direct 5 V USB port and a 12 V DC receptacle.

You can also connect several of these units in parallel to increase the total amount of power available to you.

You also get several indicator lights including overload protection as well as low fuel warning.

The Wen 56200i also has an economy mode that allows you to adjust the fuel consumption which helps in enhancing its runtime as well as engine life.

It is an excellent choice for camping, tailgating as well as construction sites as you can easily lug it around.


  • This inverter generator has a powerful engine that keeps it running for many hours.
  • It is extremely portable and can be easily carried from one place to another.
  • It produces reliable and safe power to charge delicate electronic devices.
  • It is CARB and EPA III compliant


  • It comes with a plastic outer structure which does not seem strong.
  • Its fuel tank size is just 1 gallon.

WEN 56180 Portable Generator

WEN 56180 Portable Generator

One of the most popular portable generators, powered by a 98 cc, 4 stroke, OHV engine that is capable of generating peak power of 1800 W and running power of 1500 W. It is both CARB compliant and EPA III compliant in all the 50 states.

Key Features

With 1500 running watts, you can use it to power a number of appliances such as LED televisions, refrigerators, computer systems and a few other appliances, among other things.

The key thing you'll notice about this power generator is its compact and sleek design. It is made from high quality materials which means it will last a long time.

It has operating noise levels of just 63 dB which means you won't even notice it when it is running.

With its 1.1 gallon fuel tank size, you get up to 7.5 hours of operation at half load.

It also comes with other safety features such as low oil shutdown that keeps the engine safe.

It also comes equipped with a spark arrestor which means you can use it in all the national parks as well as forests.

In terms of outlets, you get two outlets of 120 V AC along with one 12 V DC outlet.


  • It is extremely easy to start with its pull start design.
  • It has excellent build quality which is built to last.
  • This is extremely affordable compared to other Wen generators.
  • It is compact and lightweight making it easy for you to take it along for outdoor recreational activities.


  • Some people might find the fuel tank size to be smaller.
  • It power output is limited to just 1500 W

WEN GN9500 Power Generator Review

WEN GN9500 Power Generator Review

If you're after a powerful generator, this is the model you want. It delivers 9500 W of peak power and 7500 W of running power. It also has some powerful features such as remote electric start which means you can start your generator from a distance of up to 160 feet. What makes it really beautiful is that you get all this power in a really compact and sleek design. The generator is protected by a sleek steel frame with all-terrain tires allowing you to easily move it from one place to another.

Key Features

It is powered by a 420 cc, 4 stroke engine that is CARB and EPA III compliant.

You get a 6 gallons gas tank with this generator which means it will keep providing power for up to 7.5 hours at half load.

You can use this power generator to run your refrigerator, TV, lights, air conditioning system, heating system, sump pump as well as all the other essentials required in a household such as microwaves as well as power tools.

In terms of outlets, you get a total of 4 120 V standard outlets where each comes outlet comes with its own circuit breaker, one 12 V DC outlet, one RV ready 30 A outlet and there is also one transfer switch ready 30 A outlet.

The whole generator assembly is enclosed in a wheel and handle structure which makes it easier to transport.

You also get a digital display wherein you can check the total run time, frequency, voltage as well as session run time among other things.

There is a low oil shutdown feature which keeps the generator safe. It comes with the key ignition system that is designed to prevent any accidental start-ups.

You also get a 2 year warranty as is the case with all the WEN generators.


  • It is an extremely powerful generator which provides peak output of 9500 W.
  • You can use it to power a huge number of appliances.
  • It has extremely high build quality which is designed to give it a long service life.
  • All these powerful features are packed in a compact and portable mobile unit.


  • Some might find it expensive.
  • Some might find the rate of fuel consumption high.

Things to Consider When Buying a Wen Generator

Choosing the right power generator for your specific needs depends on a number of important factors. Here is a list of some of the important factors you need to consider in order to make the right choice when it comes to buying a power generator.

Power Output

The most important thing you need to consider is the amount of power you need. You need to take a stock of the appliances in your household and how much power you will need in an emergency. Do not forget that in order to utilize these generators optimally, you need to use them at around 60% of their power output capacity if you plan to use them for a long time. Running the power generator at its peak power output will severely affects its service life and you do not want that.

To make it easy for you, here are a few calculations. If you plan to buy a 2000 watt generator, you should be consistently using only up to 1200 W of power. Of course, you can utilize the peak power output but only for a short period of time.

Size of the Fuel Tank Size and Runtime

Each Wen generator is unique and is designed for a particular type of use. Some Wen generators come with huge fuel tanks whereas other have smaller fuel tanks. The size of the fuel tank as well as overall efficiency of the generator engine defines it is useful runtime. When it comes to choosing a generator, you need to focus on your own requirements.

You should be able to find Wen generators that can provide power for long hours with low fuel consumption. These are great for outdoor recreational activities such as camping and hunting. In case you want a powerful generator that is capable of powering energy guzzling household appliances, you should consider a generator that produces a lot of power.

Portability and Design

The overall design and weight of the generator as well as its portability also play a role when it comes to choosing a power generator. The kind of fuel used in a generator should also be considered.

In terms of weight, choose a lightweight power generator, if you plan to move it from one place to another frequently. For instance, a lightweight generator is essential for a camping trip or for other recreational activities. You can also take it along with you to construction sites for your power tools.

When it comes to portability, you might have to compromise on power output as not all the portable generators are capable of providing huge power output.


It is often the most overlooked factor when it comes to buying generators. Yes, you will need to maintain your generator if you want to ensure to keep enjoying optimum performance for many years. However, not all the generators are maintenance friendly.

In fact, some are intentionally designed to be difficult to repair and maintain without special tools and trained technicians. Therefore, pay attention to the ease of maintenance before buying a Wen generator to make sure that you are able to take care of simple problems on your own instead of waiting for a trained technician.

Noise Levels

When it comes to generators, everyone expects generators to make a lot of noise. After all, generators are powered by an internal combustion engine which has a high noise level but it does not mean that you have no other options. There are several compact models that produce almost negligible noise levels. So, don't forget to check the noise levels produced by a generator at its peak power output as well as optimum running power output to ensure you are comfortable with the expected noise level.


All the above reviewed power generator models made by WEN are great in their own unique ways. Every single model has its own unique features and is designed to suit particular demands. If you asked me to rate these power generators, I would rate WEN 56475 to be the best followed by WEN GN9500, WEN 56200i and WEN 56180.

WEN 56475 is the overall winner among these 4 options as it is capable of generating a lot of power and is also compact in design. It is also fuel efficient which means you get long running time with this Wen generator.

Should you buy WEN 56475?

If power outages are not that frequent in your location, the WEN 56180 model will suffice. However, if you want a power generator to be deployed in remote areas such as a cabin in a remote location, you will be best served by WEN GN9500. In case you want a generator for outdoor recreational activities such as camping, fishing or hunting, the WEN 56200i is the one you want.

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