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Yamaha has been one of the leading household names for many years. Yamaha is the prime manufacturer of a specially formed motor corporation that was established in Japan during 1955. The first president of the Yamaha Motor Corporation was the great Genichi Kawakami. Under his leadership, the firm was able to output several well-known products that are still enjoyed by many all around the globe.

Yamaha products are known for being superior to leading performance in every product manufactured under the corporation. Read on as we dive into our complete review of some of the most top Yamaha generators on the market today.

Yamaha Generator Review

1. The Yahama EF2400iSCH

The Yahama EF2400iSCH

This beast starts with a running capacity of 2000 watts and a starting wattage of 2400 watts. Unlike many others, it is definitely a superior portable gas-powered generator. In other words, the EF2400iSCH makes the perfect option for RV enthusiasts. In addition, it is also the perfect backup in case of emergencies or storms.

Due to its makeup, this Yahama generator is above average and offers users with better portability options. Not only does it run efficient and quiet, but it is also the perfect solution for a clean source of power. The unit has an all-new pulse width moderation. This ensures that the unit is always protected from low oil pressures.

In essence, the unit has the ability to automatically shut off if need be when the pressure is too low. As mentioned before, this generator is perfect for RV users since it consumes less power. The fuel tank is great for users since it has the capacity to be filled up to 1.6 gallons. When left to run on a 25% load, users can expect to attain up to 9 hours of continuous usage.

Unlike others, these stats are pretty impressive and the generator will be able to run for longer periods with just a couple of refills. This Yamaha generator is exceptional when it comes to being fuel-efficient.


  • The perfect solution for quiet operation
  • Extremely portable and lightweight
  • Gasoline can be easily drained to make storage more flexible
  • CARB compliant and can be used on a nationwide scale


  • The only downside to this unit is that it cannot be used with other units

2. The Yamaha EF2000isv2

The Yamaha EF2000isv2

The EF2000isv2 is a perfectly designed inverter gen. The running power is rated at 1600 watts and the starting power is 2000 watts. The EF2000isv2 was designed so that users can easily use and rely on the generator for an excellent backup. This unit is perfect for homes, campers, and even construction businesses.

Just like other equipment, the generator will need to be serviced and maintained on a schedule so that it will be usable for many years to come. The usability is so friendly that using the generator will come like a breeze. In just a few easy strokes it will be connected to other appliances.

Starting a generator in a hurry has never been easier than with an all-new auto decompression and warmup system. The new control panel gives users access to just about everything that they will need. The generator can be filled to a little over one gallon.

Due to the capacity of the fuel tank, the generator can run for around 10 and a half hours on just 25% load.


  • The fuel efficiency is high
  • Operations can now be conducted quietly
  • Very compact and user friendly
  • 100% Eco friendly


  • It is a bit more expensive

The Yamaha Brand

Yamaha is a vast supply of products far and wide. They manufacture just about everything from vehicles, motorcycles, boats, marine engines, personal watercraft, recreational vehicles, assisted electrical bicycles, small tractors, power products, industrial robots, helmets, wheelchairs, parts, and apparel.

Since a wide variety of products are supplied, a trusted name was built. Yamaha portable gens are like no other and offer the most premium quality. Users will be able to use Yamaha generators for a lifetime with little or no issues presenting themselves.

These Yamaha generators can be used for many operations big or small. Some of these include but are not limited to just the following:

* Outdoor Work - Since Yamaha generators offer its users a more stable and quiet power option, they are very ideal for power tools. These tools can be used in a number of activities outdoors such as construction, gardening, mobile shops, and even during woodworking.

* Recreational Use - Due to the userfriendly interface and compact size, these Yamaha generators perform exceptionally well for leisurely activities. Some of these include tailgating, fishing, camping, and hunting.

Yamaha generators are perfect for use outdoors since they are quieter than others. Hence, they make the perfect investment for adventurers.

* Emergency Use - These generators are perfect for use when mother nature decides to unleash her wrath. In these instances, Yamaha generators are reliable and can offer a steady backup power supply. Users will be able to use household essentials and others for long periods of time.

Yamaha generators offer a modern solution for modern families. Households can still enjoy the comfort of air conditioning, TV, refrigerators, and many more during outages. Yamaha generators are available in either inverter, FW, or standard variants.

* Inverter - Inverter generators offer the highest quality of electricity with complete harmonic distortion. This is done with special inverter tech and works exceptionally well with more sensitive devices. These include PCs and others.

Since complex electronics are involved, the speed of the engine varies with loads. This allows the unit to run quieter. Also, this special inverter tech allows all units to be compact.

* FW - FWs use Future Wave or Damper Windings. This reduces the distortion in the harmonics and produces cleaner power. In essence, the power from this type of generator is usually better than that of standard types. However, regular generators cannot work with Yamaha generators.

FWs tend to cost a bit less than the average Yamaha inverter generator even though the harmonic distortion is significantly reduced.

* Standard - These are simply the regular, average portable generator. However, the power provided is not stable or even clean as the Yamaha inverter type. While this may seem like a disadvantage, there is still a larger output and less maintenance is required. Unlike the others, this is more affordable and used widely by many.

Yamaha generators are praised for their easy to use technology and high performance during almost any application. These generators provide portable, clean, and stable power that is needed for outstanding performance.

Within the Yamaha brand, there's surely a generator to suit anyone's complex tastes or tasks. So there's never a need to worry about not finding the right solution for the job. While these are more on the expensive side, they offer some of the best and most superior performance that we've ever seen from a generator.

The Number One Yamaha Generator On The Market

The Yamaha EF2400iSCH

This was chosen from several others as being the best since it is more reliable. During emergencies, no one likes to be stranded without power while chaos brews around. The EF2400iSCH is not only quite but 100% fuel-efficient and provides the best value for money.

When compared to several others in its class, the EF2400iSHC surpasses and provides some of the most important features that users will ever need.

The Pros Of The Yamaha Ef2400iSHC

* 100% fuel-efficient

* CARB compliant

* Portable and lightweight

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