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One of the most reliable power solutions for both work and home is Predator generators. Predator has introduced its series of inverter generators that work exceptionally well for various outdoor activities including camping. Our complete Predator review features some of the top Predator generators in the industry. So read on as we dive into all things, Predator.

With our expertise, you'll be ready in no time to purchase your very own Predator generator. We've composed not only the top but we've done an in-depth comparison of how they compare to others within the industry.

Predator Generator Reviews

1. The Predator 8750 Generator

The Predator 8750 Generator

The 8750 portable generator form Predator is one of the best and strongest offered by the brand. Unlike many others of the same capacity, this unit was designed especially with serious demands in mind. With the 8750, users will be able to perform tasks that require a lot of power quite easily. Best of all, the 8750 from Predator has been tested to be one of the most reliable and effective sources for backup during an outage.

The 8750 boasts a rather larger 420cc OHV air-cooled 13 HP engine. Its fuel tank has a 6.6-gallon fuel capacity. Users now get better usability with the all-new electric start that's more effective and convenient. For me the predator generator electric start is a must. When compared to others, the Predator 8750 provides users with the opportunity to be up and ready in no time.

However, if the electric start should fail, there's always the recoil start feature as well. The generator has an output of 8750 watts upon starting and 7200 watts while running. Users will be able to have anywhere between 10 hours to 12 hours of continuous operations on just half of a tank of fuel. It's best to keep in mind that when under heavy loads, more fuel will be consumed.

One thing to also remember is that when generators are this size then tend to be very noisy and just like many others, this one is also a bit loud. 76 dB can be expected when the generator is running on 1/2 load. However, the noise wouldn't be much of an issue during an emergency on a construction site. If the neighbors are needing backup, there's a chance that they're going to be running theirs as well so no need to worry.

While being very efficient, we wouldn't recommend this machine for those who are interested in trying to keep the noise pollution levels down. However, in the case of contractors, there's absolutely no issue there. Without considering the noise, this generator offers quality and is worth the consideration if you've got a lot of demands.

Along with the noise, the large weight is also a small downside since most people are interested in the portability of the generator. However, clients tend to value the pros more than the cons on this one. This makes the Predator 8750 not only solid but 100% trusted.


Large tank for fuel

The engine is powerful

The runtime is exceptional


Noisy and bulky

2. The Predator 2000 Generator

The Predator 2000 Generator

The 2000 from Predator, is another in the invertor series and it offers a starting of 2000 watts and 1800 watts during running. Unlike several others, inverters are some of the most in-demand generators of today's world. They offer several pros including that they are much smaller and quieter than conventional units. With the Predator 2000, users can now operate portables electronics that are sensitive.

This generator from Predator is exceptional and one of the best choices for several outdoor activities. Some of these include tailgating, camping, work, and even outdoor stalls. Users will even be able to run electric tools such as chainsaws, portable haters, and hammers if need be.

Avid RV enthusiasts can now jump for joy because the Predator 2000 can easily power air conditioning units that are around 11000 BTU. However, while supporting such a heavy load, it's best to keep in mind that not much more can be supported by the unit. The generator also comes with a specially designed RV read kit. This allows users to easily use two generators in parallel; hence doubling the output power.

The runtime for this generator is quite decent and users can benefit from the 6.5 hours of operation on just 50%. When compared to the Honda EU2000i, this generator is quite similar and performs remarkably. One interesting fact is that Predator generators feature state-of-the-art clones to the motors used in Honda engines. The construction is not only solid but they are also more affordable.

So when shopping for a generator, be sure to look at this strong and affordable alternative to that of Honda models.


  • Great runtime
  • Quality engine
  • Very compact
  • Very affordable


  • A tad bit loud

3. The Predator 6500 Generator

The Predator 6500 Generator

The 6500 from Predator is one of the most economic and optimal choices for persons seeking some more power. Unlike others, the starting watt is 6500 and the running is 5500. Just by looking at these numbers, we can easily see that they very large electric tools will be able to run with this unit.

However, users will be able to use the 6500 as their home power supply providing that they don't attempt to power the entire house. This beast of a unit features a 420 CC OHV 13 HP engine that is 100% air-cooled. It is even further protected by the rugged steel frame that is strong and capable to withstand some of the toughest conditions that exist.

Unlike others, the generator is an open frame, and users should expect to experience some noise. This applies when the unit is at a higher operating capacity. However, the noise attached to the unit is bearable when compared to other generators of the same capacity with open frames.

One thing that the unit failed to be equipped with is a fuel indicator. This often makes it hard to determine how much fuel is left in the tank. However, the unit does come with a low oil indicator that is extremely handy so there's no need to worry about the engine running out of oil any time soon. The low oil indicator acts as a shut off as well. 

To conclude on this one, this is one of the most standard and easy to use portable generator that exists on the markets today. Unlike others, these are some of the most trusted.


  • Excellent runtime
  • Very solid engine
  • Durable construction


  • Very loud and heavy

4. The Predator 4000 Generator

The Predator 4000 Generator

Unlike other of the same capacity, the Predator 4000 is a rather popular choice. This generator has a starting watt of 4000 and facilitates the use of several work tools. Some of these include drills, circular saws, and bench grinders. Unlike a number of others, the 4000 from Predator can easily power almost any time of RV equipment.

Some well-known RV equipment includes the lights and the refrigerator. This unit can even be used to power important appliances around your home during an outage. However, it is not recommended that everything is run at once.

This particular unit from predator was constructed with an open frame and is very suitable for a number of purposes. The 4000 generator unit from Predator has an OHV air-cooled 212 CC 6.5 HP cooled engine. The output power starts at 4000 watts and runs at a stunning 3200 watts.

When compared to others, the generator has a number of power outlets which includes a 12 V DC outlet, a 240 V twist-lock, two 120 Duplexes. It even comes with a specially designed wheel kit that makes transportation easier. If you have to transport the unit a lot then the wheel kit is a life saver. When used at medium loads, the fuel consumption rates are quite reasonable.

However, depending on the load in question the generator can safely run up to 10 hours on a single tank of fuel. It should be noted that at higher loads, the time decreases, and more fuel is consumed. From a general point of view, the 4000 from Predator is quite standard and stands up nicely to its competitors.

It provides users with a state-of-the-art no-fuss generator that gets the job done each time. Unlike the competition, the 4000 is actually quite affordable which adds to its attractiveness.


  • The frame is very durable
  • The engine is solid
  • Affordable
  • Pretty decent number and variety of outlets


  • Pretty noisy

What Should You Look For When Buying A Predator Generator?


One of the main elements of buying a portable generator is the wattage. In some instances, persons buy generators that are too small and they don't even realize it until they're trying to power up appliances only to experience trouble. However, there are some situations where generators are bigger than expected. This often leads to breaking the bank with a bulky unit.

So before buying a generator, be sure to consider the use and the price tag behind it. During power outages, it's best to have a generator that can power a bit more than required just to be safe. Often enough, outages leave us powering up several appliances that all consume a great deal of energy. If you have to move your unit during a power outage make sure you select one with a wheel kit. The low oil indicator is also a great feature if you are new to generators. 

When looking at the wattage, be sure to enquire about the starting or peak wattage and the wattage during running. Devices that feature motors generally need some more power during the first couple of seconds as they were powered up. This ensures that they are kickstarted into action. Hence that is the starting wattage of the device.

The starting wattage usually goes down during the running stage. This refers to the running wattage. Hence, it is necessary and essential to consider each of them. Generators that have running wattages of 2000 and 1800 cannot be used to power those that require 2000 as the starting wattage. This applies even if the running is lower than 1800 watts.

When choosing a generator, it's always better to be on the safe side and have some extra power. So don't forget to get something that adds a couple of hundred extra watts. If ever doubt should cross, just be sure to look at wattage calculators online.

The Build Quality

Generators are known as one of the most critical and indispensable tools that contractors and homeowners will ever need. Due to their nature, they will never fail in an emergency situation. So when looking at generators, not only should it be built by reputable manufacturers, but it should also have a reliable engine that has replacement parts if need be.

High in class, Predator generators are usually praised for being the number one popular choice among users for the remarkable degree fo quality that comes with it. Users praise them for being 100% reliant and efficient.

The Noise Levels

While no one likes to hear generators running all day, there are some that aren't as loud as others. Thus making the overall noise levels a huge deal when purchasing a portable. For those looking for something reliable for an RV park or a campsite, there are widely popular and quiet models that are available.

Even though they make quite a bit of noise, inverter generators are usually quieter than the open frame portable variant. This is another huge benefit for those investing and inverter generators provide a very clean sine wave during operation. This makes it even safer to use as a power source for sensitive electronics. It allows users to charge phones and laptops without footing the expense of a line conditioner.

Thus far the 2000 from Predator is among the most popular for inverter types in the industry. Additionally, it should be noted that not all generators fitting this size was designed for powering larger appliances all in one go. This just simply means that users should purchase large units around 5000 watts. A generator of this capacity will easily work for powering homes and supplying construction sites with power.

The Runtime Of A Generator

While all generator engines are constructed differently, some are better at consuming less fuel while giving users a long runtime. So when looking at generators, it's better to look at those that can facilitate longer hours of use. Predator provides significant information about and for each on a 50% load.

However, it should be noted that the run times can actually vary in some cases from the claims made by the manufacturer. This usually depends on the load and other factors. When properly maintained, generators run better and more efficiently. Just like a car engine, without the right care damage and deterioration can occur resulting in less runtime.

The Price Of A Generator

While it's great to keep in mind that generators don't need to cost a fortune, being a Cheap Charlie won't do and users run the risk of dealing with a failing generator. However, it is advised that there's no need to break the bank on a generator that will hardly ever be used. There's no definite rule to the cost which simply varies with each manufacturer.

Additionally, the design, wattage, and size also play a huge role in the price of a generator. Inverter generators are known to cost a tad bit more than others and it can be thought of as an investment. When compared to others, the Predator brand is more affordable while performing even better than other top brands.

FAQ On Predator Generators

How good is a Predator generator?

Endless online reviews indicate that these are among the best. However, there are instances where some claim that Generac and Honda offer better value. With that said, Honda is usually twice the price of Predator generators. Some have even had pretty bad experiences with the Generac brand.

Most persons tend to have more technical failures with generators which can all be solved while under warranty. With that said, Predator generators are pretty good and are worth the price.

How good is an inverter generator from Predator?

As previously mentioned, inverter generators provide a couple of benefits that others don't. With that said, there are quite a number of inverters currently on the market that can easily outperform them. However, there are always going to be persons who prefer something more affordable that lasts even longer than leading brands. With Predator, users can be sure that both affordability and quality will be included in any product.

Who manufactures Predator generators?

Predator generators are manufactured by a company known as Harbor Freight. Harbor Freight is an American company that has a pretty decent market presence. Just like many others, Predator generators are put together in China.

How long can a Predator generator run?

Simply put, the run time depends on the model of the generator. Some models such as the predator 2000 can easily run with a 50% load for up to 6 hours. Other open frame generators from Predator can easily run at half the load for up to 12 hours. However, some have said that the runtime is a bit shorter and it can be assumed that they run for a decent 10 hours.

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