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Generators are a good investment for any home and guarantee their services when they are most needed. However, it’s worth noting that generators aren’t all equal. While some are reliable, others aren’t as dependable as you might think and might fail you when you need them most. With this in mind, it’s essential that you learn more about the different generators available on the market and some of the features they have to offer before settling for one.

If you are currently shopping for a generator, below are reviews of some of the best A-iPower generators on the market. We hope that the information provided here will help you get to know more about the best, in-demand generators at the moment and will make it easier for you to choose a product that suits your needs.

When choosing a generator, one of the most important aspects to consider is wattage production. The number of watts a generator delivers will determine how many appliances it can power and how efficiently it powers them. Other factors include the generator’s construction and its reliability. These are some of the things that you’ll need to keep in mind as you go through these reviews.

The Top Six A-iPower Generators

1. A-iPower SUA4000

A-iPower SUA4000

Specs Sheet:

  • Surge/Running watts: 3750/3250
  • Voltage: 120/240
  • Start: recoil
  • Engine: 208cc, 7-horsepower, 4-cycle
  • Fuel: gasoline
  • Fuel tank capacity: 4 gallons
  • Rated amperage: 27.1/13.5A
  • Run time on half load: Fourteen-hours
  • Receptacles: 2 AC 120/240V, 4 AC 120V
  • Weight: 135 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 23.4 x 23 x 21.3
  • Other: circuit breaker protected outlets, digital hour meter, high-performance alternator, low oil shutdown, fuel gauge, EPA approved


The A-iPower SUA4000 is a beautifully-designed, gasoline-powered generator that anyone searching for a supplementary power source would be proud of owning. All of the generator’s main parts are engineered and displayed in a very organized manner under its metal casing, on its exterior, the SUA4000 sports a red and black color scheme for aesthetic purposes. Apart from that, its wheel kit also sports red and black-colored wheels, which help make the generator look even more appealing. The interesting thing, however, is that apart from beauty, the SUA4000 still delivers when it comes to performance. Though built for medium-duty tasks, the A-iPower SUA4000 comes with the following features:

Durability:  With a metal frame for added protection, an engine made from cast iron, and relatively-strong wheels, the SUA4000 is designed to serve its owner for as long as possible. Its fuel tank, as well as all other main parts, are all made of steel.

High Performance: It is worth noting that the SUA4000 is rated a 4-star generator on several online review sites for its impeccable performance. The generator is powered by a seven horsepower, 4-cycle 208cc engine that delivers a max wattage of 3750. However, it only produces 3250 running watts. Nevertheless, due to its superior performance, you can rest assured that the machine will keep all of your main appliances powered and running for several hours, at least during an emergency.

Long runtimes: Its four-gallon fuel tank employs the use of modern generator technologies to offer users up to 14-hours of runtime while on a 50 percent load. When running on a 25 percent load, the generator can power essential appliances for up to 21-hours.

Versatile and Convenient: As a portable generator, the SUA4000 offers lots of convenience to homeowners and worksite contractors as well. With a ton of power receptacles, there is always a plug to supply power to different appliances at a time.

Easy to maintain and use: A lot of the people who own this A-iPower generator model attest to the fact that it's easy to maintain and use.

2. A-iPower SUA8250E

A-iPower SUA8250E

Specs Sheet:

  • Surge/Running watts: 8250/7250
  • Voltage: 120/240
  • Engine: 14HP/420cc, 4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder, OHV
  • Fuel: gasoline
  • Fuel tank capacity: 7 gallons
  • Start: electric
  • Rated amperage: 60.4/30.2A
  • Run time on half load: 8.5 hours
  • Receptacles: 6 AC/20A 120V | 2 AC 120/240V
  • Weight: 202 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 27.5
  • Other: high-performance alternator, low oil shutdown, fuel gauge, maintenance-free 12V-14AH battery included, circuit breaker protected outlets, EPA approved

The A-iPower SUA8250E generator is what you get for if you are in the market looking for an affordable yet reliable and powerful generator. While the machine can supply a max of 8250 watts, it has a running watts capacity of 7250, which is more than two times the number of watts generators within the same price range deliver. Construction-wise, the SUA8250E takes on the same state-of-the-art construction other A-iPower top model generators sport, and, therefore, looks quite stylish. Apart from looks, this generator is also quite reliable, as evidenced below.

Long runtime: The SUA8250E is made using the latest generator technologies, which make it possible for it to consistently supply power for up to 8.5-hours while operating on a 50 percent load. Its all-steel 7-gallon gas tank is, however, a lot bigger than the tanks on most generators in its class, which explains its long runtime.

Reliable and Powerful Engine: A reliable and powerful engine makes a reliable and powerful generator. The SUA8250E features a 14 horsepower OHV single-cylinder engine that’s capable of delivering 7250 running watts with a max capability of 8250 watts. Its reliability performance-wise can be attributed to the fact that it comes with a cast engine and an electric start. With this combination, the SUA8250E guarantees an exemplary performance when powering a typical construction site or home.

Portable and Durable: The SUA8250E’s main parts are all made out of steel, which means the generator is well capable of withstanding some of the roughest weather conditions. Its strong wheel kit means enhanced portability around the garage or worksite.

Easy to Maintain and Operate: The SUA8250E requires very little setup and comes ready to work. It’s worth noting that it has both electric and recoil start mechanisms - with the latter being for emergencies. Another thing worth noting about this generator is that it’s inexpensive to maintain – as long as you protect the fuel tank by making sure you empty it after use and only use the recommended fuel type, you are good to go. Also, make sure you check and change the oil regularly.

3. A-iPower SUA7500E

A-iPower SUA7500E

Specs Sheet:

  • Surge/Running watts: 7000/6000
  • Voltage: 120V/240V
  • Engine: 14HP/420cc, 4-stroke
  • Fuel: gasoline
  • Fuel tank capacity: 7 gallons
  • Start: electric
  • Rated Amperage: 50/25A
  • Run time on half load: 9.5 hours
  • Receptacles: Two AC 120/240V, Six AC/20A 120V
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 26x26x27.5
  • Other: fuel gauge, high-performance alternator, low oil shutdown, outlets, battery included, digital hour meter, EPA-approved, circuit breaker protected

Even though the SUA7500E is a high-power generator, it is considered one of the quietest generators on the market right now. At the same time, it’s considered one of the most reliable A-iPower generators, especially considering the useful and modern features it offers right off the bat. The SUA7500E is an EPA-approved generator, which means it produces very little emissions, and as a top-rated machine, it offers reliable performance, especially when you need it most.

Exemplary Performance: This machine delivers 6000 running watts but can produce a max of 7000 watts thanks to its 420cc, 14-horsepower, gas-powered engine. One thing about this generator that makes it stand out is its performance – and you can tell its reliable judging by the number of positive reviews and comments it gets on different review sites.

Long Runtime: The generator’s reliable engine is capable of powering a typical home’s lights and main appliances for up to ten hours while running on a 50 percent load. While the engine does a great job of powering things up, this long runtime can be attributed to the fact that the SUA7500E comes with a 7-gallon capacity fuel tank.

Several Power Receptacles: It’s worth noting that the SUA7500E comes with several power receptacles that are designed to make powering up or charging appliances at home simpler. The good thing about these receptacles is that some of them even include 120V/240V-rated receptacles.

Durable Construction: This is one generator that’s been designed to last a very long time, as is evidenced by its design and how the main parts are constructed. For instance, the engine is made of metal, so are the handles and the frame that holds it together. The wheel kit, which makes it easier to move the generator around, is also designed to last a long time.

Has both an electric and recoil start – with the latter being for emergency situations.

4. A-iPower SUA1500

A-iPower SUA1500

Specs Sheet:

  • Surge/Running watts: 1500/1200
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Engine: 3HP/98cc, OHV, 4-stroke, air-cooled, single-cylinder
  • Fuel: gasoline
  • Fuel tank capacity: 1.6 gallons
  • Start: recoil
  • Rated Amperage: 10A
  • Run time on half load: 10 hours
  • Receptacles: 2 120V 20A NEMA 5–20R Outlet
  • Weight: 69 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 19.3 x 14.6 x 16.5
  • Other: automatic voltage regulator, digital hour meter, low oil shutdown, fuel gauge, EPA approved

If you are in the market searching for an inexpensive standby generator that can power one or two home appliances, then the A-iPower SUA1500 is the machine for you. While it only delivers about 1200 running watts, this machine comes with a powerful alternator that’s designed to ensure motor-driven appliances are getting powered. Its construction and design are also excellent considering that its engine and a majority of the main parts are made out of solid metal. All in all, this light-duty generator guarantees great value for money. Here are some of the features it has to offer.

Reliable performance: the SUA1500 is powered by a 3-horsepower overhead valve engine and has a high-performance alternator and an electric start that work together to make sure the machine runs smoothly and consistently. Its 4-stroke engine is capable of delivering 1200 watts, which should be enough to keep lights on or run an appliance. The high-performance alternator, on the other hand, helps ensure you make the most of the machine’s peak performance. The electric start on the SUA1500 makes starting and turning off the generator’s engine effortless.

Compact Design: To improve mobility, the A-iPowered SUA1500 was designed to be compact and lightweight. It weighs only 66 lbs. and lies on the average side when it comes to dimensions (which makes it easy to store.)

Durable: This generator is built to last a very long time, and its heavy-duty, all-steel construction is proof. The generator’s construction and engine are also made using steel for increased resilience. The external metal frame surrounding the machine also helps protect it from structural damages.

Low Noise Levels: The SUA1500 comes with a rigid, low-tone muffler that helps minimize the machine’s noise levels to a tolerable 65 dBs at 23ft. It also comes with USDA-approved spark arrestors for an extra layer of safety.

The SUA1500 has a relatively-long runtime of 10-hours at 50 percent load despite having a 1.6-gallon capacity fuel tank.

5. A-iPower SUA5000

A-iPower SUA5000

Specs Sheet:

  • Surge/Running watts: 5000/4250
  • Voltage: 120V/240V
  • Engine: OHV, 7.5HP, 223cc
  • Fuel: gasoline
  • Fuel tank capacity: 4 gallons
  • Start: recoil
  • Rated amperage: 27.1/13.5A
  • Run time on half load: 9 hours
  • Receptacles: 1 120/240V 30A NEMA L14–30R Outlet/ 2 120V 20A NEMA 5–20R Outlet
  • Weight: 130 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 24.4 x 22.8 x 22.6
  • Other: automatic voltage regulator, 12VDC 8.3A adapter plug, LCD hour meter, low oil shutdown, RV adaptor, fuel gauge, GFCI Protected Outlets, EPA approved

The medium-duty SUA5000 generator is one machine with a great repute amongst people who own it. It features a unique design and comes with an attractive display. The generator’s strong wheel kit comes in appealing red and black colors that complement the machine’s silver-colored metal frame designed to offer protection against accidental knocks and falls. One thing that makes this generator attractive for buyers is its price tag – the SUA5000 costs far less than other generator brands in the same category.

Performance: Judging by its online reviews, it’s easy to tell that this is one generator that performs impressively well. The generator’s running wattage of 4250 watts is more proof of how well it performs.

Portable and Durable Construction: Despite being a beautiful-looking generator, the machine’s engine and all major parts are made using lasting materials. At the same time, this top-rated generator is designed to make it easier for users to move it around their homes or worksite before starting it. Its portability is made possible by its comfortable, foldable handle and never-flat wheel kit.

Easy Manual Start: The SUA5000 features a recoil start mechanism that’s easy to pull. It’s also reliable and should work consistently for a long time before requiring service.

Long Runtime: It’s worth noting that this generator comes with a 4-gallon steel gas tank through which the generator derives the fuel it needs to consistently deliver power for about 9-hours on a 50 percent load.

Several Power Receptacles: The SUA5000 is designed to make it easy for users to power several appliances at a go. It’s also designed for use in RVs as it comes with a 30-amp RV receptacle. Something worth noting is that its receptacles are also GFCI-protected – this basically means your appliances are protected even when the conditions are damp.

 The generator has a low-oil shutdown feature that helps keep the engine from getting damaged

6. A-iPower SUA6500E

A-iPower SUA6500E

Specs Sheet:

  • Surge/Running watts: 6500/5250
  • Voltage: 120V/240V
  • Engine: 389-cc, single-cylinder, 4-Stroke, OHV
  • Fuel: gasoline
  • Fuel tank capacity: 7 gallons
  • Start: electric
  • Rated amperage: -
  • Run time on half load: 10 hours
  • Receptacles: 1 120/240V 30A NEMA L14–30R Outlet/ 3 120V 20A NEMA 5–20R Outlet
  • Weight: 111 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 21.7 x 24 x 28
  • Other: automatic voltage regulator, hour meter, low oil shutdown, fuel gauge, covered outlets

If you are in the market searching for a relatively-priced medium-to-heavy-duty standby generator, then the A-iPower SUA6500E is the machine to get. This generator is capable of delivering 6500 watts at its peaks. Like most top-rated A-iPowered generators, the SUA6500E has unique and appealing construction and design and generally-positive ratings, which go to show the kind of grit this machine is made of!

Construction and Design: If you are the type of person who values the construction and design of a generator as much as any other feature, then this generator will delight you. The SUA6500E features a state-of-the-art design, which is evidenced by the black and red color-schemed parts held together by a surrounding metallic frame. But don’t let its beauty deceive you – this is one very durable, very strong generator. Its engine and major components are all engineered using high-quality metal.

Reliable Performance: SUA6000E’s 4-stroke overhead valve engine is capable of producing and consistently delivering 5250 watts continuously. In its peak performance, the machine still delivers the juice needed by different appliances thanks to its high-performance alternator.

Extended Runtime: The SUA6500E’s steel fuel tank isn’t only built to last, it’s also made to hold enough fuel to provide the power you need to keep your appliances on for up to 10 hours on 50 percent load.

Tolerable Noise Levels: The generator comes with a spark arrestor and muffler. The spark arrestor helps safeguard the generator while the muffler helps reduce the noise it makes. It’s worth noting that this generator produces about 74 dB of noise, which is way lower than what most generators within the same category produce.

Easy Operation and Maintenance: The SUA6500E requires minimal setup and comes ready to run. Since it comes with a wheel kit, it is easy to move the generator around, which makes it great for use in a worksite and easy to maneuver around your compound. An interesting thing about this generator is that it’s cheap to maintain – and it’s all thanks to its durable construction and weather-resistant covered outlets.

The Pros and Cons of A-iPowered Generators

The Pros

They Performers Excellently – A-iPowered generators are quite impressive and reliable. When you visit generator review websites, one thing you will notice is that A-iPowered generators tend to top the “best performing standby generators” lists – and that, in some instances, includes their low-priced models.

They are Well Made – A-iPowered generators are well-constructed machines with a rather appealing look. The company’s use of red and black colors gives these generators a unique, attractive look that’s easy on the eye. The wheel kits and colorful displays installed on the generators also do a great job of complementing the overall look of the machines.

Durable – Apart from being well-constructed, A-iPowered generators are also quite durable. When making their generators, A-iPowered ensures they’ve placed all of the crucial parts of the machines under a metallic cover. The frame infused into the generators also plays a vital role in increasing the durability of the machines. It is worth noting that special care is taken when making individual generator parts to enhance durability, with some parts, like the engine and other crucial components being made out of metal.

They’re affordable – The interesting thing about A-iPowered generators is that they cost almost half the price similar generators from other brands cost. This, as a result, reflects a higher value for money spent.

They’re portable – If there is one thing that makes A-iPowered generators stand out from the rest, it’s their portability. Regardless of how big a generator is, all A-iPowered generators come with a comfortable handle and a wheel kit for easy maneuvering and transportation. Fortunately, the wheels installed on these generators are strong and quality and can easily maneuver even over rough terrain.

Long Runtimes – Another reason why people love A-iPowered generators is that they offer long runtimes. With an A-iPowered generator by your side, you can rest assured that your appliances will stay powered for a considerably long period.

The Cons

The generators lack vital technologies found in some modern generators – A-iPowered generators don’t have the technologies used by other generators to lower emission rates or wave distortion.

They’re quite noisy – It could because they’re mostly gas-powered.

They lack vital convenience features – A-iPowered generators lack some of the convenience features available in modern generators such as remote control.

Bottom Line

While this A-iPowered generator review doesn’t list all of this manufacturer’s generators, it features some of the best-rated machines – generators that you should consider before deciding to buy a generator. Please note that the six generators reviewed in this article are all attractive, high-performance machines capable of offering everything you are looking for in a modern, state-of-the-art generator. At the same time, they offer value for money, something that, you as a shopper, need to consider when searching for a generator. However, that doesn’t mean that you rush to buy a specific generator just because it’s cheap. Take your time and consider what you want from a generator, how much you are willing to spend, and which product suits your needs then make your final decision.

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