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Finding the right type of generator is all about knowing what to look for and making sure the results are on par with modern requirements. Honda has become a stable brand in the world of generators and continues to set the right tone with its solutions.

One of the latest offerings on the open market has come in the form of the Honda EU3000is.

Is this one of the better generators being sold right now or does it disappoint? This detailed review is going to take a deeper look into what the Honda EU3000is is all about, how it works, and whether or not this is the right generator for your needs.


What is the Honda EU3000is?

The Honda EU300is is one of those multi-use solutions that is perfect when it comes to delivering consistent results. Honda is a leading brand for a reason and has continued to set a high bar when it comes to versatility, quality, and efficiency. This specific model is no difference and it starts to show through how well it functions in different scenarios whether you are trying to power up something at home or setting it up in your RV.

It is a solution that is more than capable of doing a good job and isn't going to break down at the first sign of trouble.

This compact, portable generator is listed by Honda as being one of its more quiet solutions. This has been done on purpose to make sure the generator doesn't create noise pollution and/or get in the way of a trip outdoors. Even if you are using this as a backup generator at home, there is nothing worse than having a loud generator.

Based on its underlying ratings, this has been approved by the CARB making it a viable portable generator in all parts of America.

Honda has become a trusted manufacturer when it comes to creating generators and is heralded for the value it offers. The same applies to the Honda EU3000is and it aims to get the job done without compromising on quality. This is ideal for those thinking about connecting a wide array of devices to the generator and want to make sure it doesn't ruin them.

Along with offering a good amount of power to its users, the Honda EU3000is has a simple electrical start and is parallel capable making it a power-packed solution without all the hitches. It is also well-designed when it comes to handling power surges and won't break down as easily. This is something Honda focuses on instead of implementing a manual recoil system. The main purpose is to not only deliver high-value power but make sure there is an electrical start that's user-friendly.

This high-grade portable inverter generator provides a good amount of power coming in at 2800 watts of running power and 3000 wats of starting power. It is equipped with a gas-powered mechanism that encompasses a straightforward 3.4-gallon fuel tank.

Honda has always been renowned for doing a good job with its fuel mechanisms and the same is seen here with its fuel-efficient setup. Users can have the portable generator run up to 20 hours without cranking it past a quarter load while getting rated load performance of 7.1 hours.

The manufacturer has also put in the time to analyze what users require when the generator is put to use. Each user is going to have a unique setup that has to be catered to by the generator otherwise it won't work as intended. In this case, Honda has made sure to create a generator that isn't going to hitch as soon as a variety of appliances are hooked onto it. This is why the Honda EU3000is offers a 120-volt outlet, two 20 amps outlets, and a 12-volt DC outlet.

According to the manufacturer, they have equipped this portable power generator to work with a long list of appliances at the same time including computers, stoves, microwaves, RV air conditioners, fridges, and more. Of course, you can't have all of these appliances going at the same time, but you can easily switch between them without missing a beat. This is powerful for those who want a quality RV generator on their next trip outdoors.

If there is a chance the portable generator is going to start to overload, there is a built-in alarm that will ring.

It also comes along with a quality circuit protector making it easier for users to know what is going on with the generator before it breaks down. Being proactive is key with any portable generator (i.e. maintenance, but Honda has taken the time to set up everything to make it as user-friendly as possible. This includes a multitude of safety warnings involving low oil, engine performance, engine switches, fuel valves, and output indicators. Being able to go through this information is ideal when it comes to keeping the system functioning at 100%.

Honda has also put in the effort needed to understand what causes a portable generator to make quite a bit of noise. There is nothing more frustrating than having a new portable generator turn on and realizing it is obnoxiously loud. This is why the portable generator has been measured at a reasonable 50 decibels of noise when it is running at a quarter load while surging up to a minimal 57 decibels at a rated load. This is far better than most of the competition that is out there right now.

While the power is great, you are still getting something that is easy to manage and isn't going to fill the world with noise as soon as it is turned on.

Honda has even taken the time to create what is known as an "eco-throttle" mechanism to further dampen the noise.

The Honda EU3000is measures in at 25.9 x 17.6 x 22 (inches) and does pack a punch when it comes to weight (131 lbs).

The weight isn't a big deal but it is something that will have to be carried by hand. It is best to think about where you are going to set it up well in advance due to this factor.

In general, the generator has been created to be as easy to maintain as possible. This is something Honda has always taken the time to focus on and it shows through the detailed manual for the model. All the model is going to need is semi-annual maintenance for the oil and a regular air filter switch at the end of the year. Of course, you are going to have to make sure the battery is charged at all times too.

How Does the Honda EU3000is Hold Up Against Its Competitors?

The competition is going to be on your mind when it comes to buying a brand-new portable inverter generator. If you are thinking about the other options on the market, it is best to understand what makes this such a unique choice for you to go with.

The Honda EU3000is is a great solution for a number of reasons even when it is compared to other offerings by Champion or Yamaha.

One of the bright spots for the Honda EU3000is has to do with the reduced noise production that is on offer. You are not going to be dealing with something that wakes everyone up as soon as it is turned on at night. This is annoying and something you are often going to see with other options such as the ones offered by the competition.

If noise production is an issue, you are not going to want to start there.

However, one of the issues that Honda does have involves weight. You are going to be going with a "portable" generator that isn't as portable as it needs to be! It is too heavy , which means you are going to need the handling kit to move it around. This isn't the case with the others as they are lighter in the hands.

When it comes to power production, they are all close to each other, but Champion does give a 100 additional watts.

With the starting mechanism, you are getting something that is quite easy to manage. The electric start is great and does offer a tremendous amount of value to those who don't want to deal with a manual recoil system. However, Champion has gone above and beyond in this regard by offering remote starting, which is even easier.

If this is something you don't want to deal with, it is important to understand how the starting process works. In general, both the Champion and Honda models do a good job and are easy enough, while Yamaha lags behind slightly.

What about safety features when it comes to using one of these portable inverter generators?

The safety mechanisms are great and it is something the three manufacturers have clearly spent a lot of time on. The damage prevention is seen through a variety of features whether this includes the built-in alarm, low fuel shutoff, automatic overload stops, and even low oil shutoff. They also take the time to offer throttling to sustain power and reduce the load on the environment.

With the cost, you are going to get something that is in the same range as the Yamaha model, but it is twice as expensive as the offering by Champion.

While Champion does offer a cheaper model, it is not as reliable as the one by Honda. This is something to keep in mind.


When it comes to the advantages, you have to start with the manufacturer.

Honda is the real deal and they have been around for a substantial amount of time. This means you are picking up a high-grade generator that packs a punch and is going to be as dependable as you want it to be. Whether you are using it for your RV or as a backup generator at home, you can rely on it at all times. This is something you are never going to have to worry about with Honda's products. They are always reliable.

This newer model is also good with the electric start as that makes it user-friendly. You are not going to have to worry about something like a manual recoil system.

Based on the research that has been done, this is a product that is long-lasting and is built to deliver great results. This means you can have it running for a while before having to worry about the fuel.

Plus, you are not getting something that is going to be making quite a bit of noise at night. Instead, you can easily get 3000 watts of power without as much noise as the competition. This is a major plus for anyone that has heard how loud generators can be and how frustrating they are as soon as they have been installed.

With this sleek design, you are also picking up a high-quality portable inverter generator that is easy on the eyes. This is never a bad thing and it will be a plus point that stands out!


When it comes to the cons, there are a few that stand out right away.

One of the biggest disadvantages has to be weight. You are getting something that is going to get cumbersome after a while and it won't be a solution you want to lug around forever. The 131-pound design is something you are going to have to account for, especially if you are going to be taking it out on an RV trip.

The weight is something the brand also understands is a flaw. This is why they have put in the time to understand what can be done to make sure the portability isn't impacted too much. As a result, they have engineered a handling kit that allows you to set up wheels for the generator and move it around.

Is this good enough?

It is something you are still going to have to work with but it is manageable as long as you are willing to set up the handling kit. Without the kit, it will need two people for you to move it around properly.

The eco-throttle mechanism is also flawed and doesn't function the way it is marketed to. This means it ends up tapping into the generator's power and throttles it too much.

Final Verdict

Is the Honda EU3000is worth it or are you getting a dud here?

In general, you are getting one of the better portable inverter generators being sold on the market right now. This is a world-class solution that has been engineered to perfection for those who want the real deal. Why go with something that is going to make a ton of noise without giving you a good amount of power?

With this product, you are getting a world-class solution that has been made with a high level of care. This is seen as soon as you carry it around and set it into place.

Of course, the one issue that you are going to see with the portable inverter generator would be the weight. It is one of the heavier models being sold right now on the market and it does take a bit to move it around. If you are okay with that, this is not going to be an issue for your set up and is going to get the job done.

Honda has done a good job of making a model that is going to work well in a variety of scenarios, which is ideal for those who want to take it out on an RV trip. Being able to rely on this is great and it does fit well once you set it up.

You are also going to enjoy being able to play around with the electric start and not have to fret about how everything is going to work out. They have paid attention to what works and what doesn't, which is why the electrical start is so seamless. It is one of the better advantages that come along with something as efficient as this.

The Honda EU3000is does a wonderful job of lasting for a long time when it is put to the test. Even though it generates up to 3000 watts of power, you are still going to get 20 hours of life at a quarter load. This is ideal for any type of modern generator that is set up as a backup.

While it is not going to be one of the most portable machines on the market, it is still something that's reliable. Honda has done a good job of providing a high-quality generator and that is what makes it empowering.

This is one of the most dependable portable generators on the market right now and well worth the investment. You are going to get a great deal as soon as this is set up at home or on an RV.

We believe this is one of the better solutions being sold right now and is going to be a great fit for your needs.

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